Fox News has a sexpert. And she has a few falafel-free suggestions for amping up the ol' love life. First up: go to Santa Fe and look at the Georgia O'Keefe paintings at the O'Keeffe Gallery.

When schools decide where to take kids, they choose places that will broaden their horizons without having to take them too far from home. So it only makes sense that "grown-up" field trips would do the same. Where should you go? Anywhere that stirs your mind and your sexier side. That means places that engage the senses and the mind. Even if you can't just hop on a jet plane and travel the world, you can still get inspired by all the exciting places the world has to offer.

The sumptuous paintings and sculptures of Georgia O'Keefe at the O'Keefe Gallery in Santa Fe or at any number of other museums are a reminder of how sexy it can be to go to an art museum with your partner and revel in the rich hues and sensual shapes. Admiring her often erotic work (are those flowers or...) will likely leave you hankering to get a look at your own private model when you get back home to your "studio."

I wonder if Fox's sexpert is aware of the strong correlation between owning framed O'Keeffe prints and lesbian bed death.