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Good Morning Charles,
I can top that. I read this a while back. Check this out:…

Bloody sick and very sad.
ugh. The article starts with a one sentence paragraph.

"It's an offer they should have refused."

Victim blaming is never appropriate and it's got to be obvious even to to the doubters when one of the victims is 5 years old.
From Yahoo Answers....

Is my boyfriend a pedofile?

I have been dating this guy for a month. He's kind and gentle, and goes to church every week.
but hes 28 and I noticed that so many of his friends are 15-17 and he is 28....
He talks to them AIM and facebook constantly.
He confides in them, and promises to meet them.
Yesterday I saw on girl, 15, write on his facebook wall " I love you, miss you...When can I see you babe?"…
Is it impossible not to see some connection between this guy and some European ? I'd say it's not.

Actually, it made me think of the Europeans who invented that anti-rape condom for women in parts of Africa to wear, you know, because of the high rate of rape there.

But, yeah, western civilization sucks.
Sorry, Charles, but I guess I missed what you feel is an obvious connection between European (read: white) and the other continents of this world (other races) and a pedophile raping kids. That's a pretty universal (albeit tragic) phenomenon. The twist on this story is not that he is Australian and the victims Thai-- but that he is 90 years old.
"a reflection of old Europe's long exploitation of the poor, underdeveloped, but resource-rich countries of the world"

That is precisely the attitude that is holding Africa back, if not other countries. It gives them an excuse to be corrupt, violent, and even *more* exploitative of their people & natural resources than the colonials. Yes, that is possible, and as an African you should be aware of it, even if you won't admit it to yourself.

Yes, Europe for hundreds of years have blah, blah, blah. They're not perfect now, but they've grown up considerably since then. Why haven't the Africans? I would suggest it is because they prefer to blame others instead of taking responsibility for themselves.

And no, this is not more "blame the victim." Indeed, the very idea of claiming victimhood is at the heart of the issue.
Since when is Australia in Europe?

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