Democrats are calling attention to this quote that Republican Senate candidate Dino Rossi gave to Hotline yesterday:

Having entered the race in late May, Rossi left himself with a limited amount of time to campaign against favored incumbent Sen. Patty Murray (D), which may hamstring him as the race goes on. Rossi said he would focus on voters who have not made up their mind. "In the old adage, there are saints and sinners and those who can be saved. The saints are with us, the sinners are not. And the ones that can be saved are the ones we will be talking to," Rossi said.

It's an old adage, yes. But it's also an odd mixing of religion and politics, and it seems to imply that Rossi believes committed Republican voters are saints, committed Democratic voters are sinners, and undecided voters who move his way will be among the saved.

I've asked his spokesperson for some clarification. While we wait, a poll!

According to Rossi's world view, which are you?

UPDATE: Rossi spokesperson Jennifer Morris responds:

It’s an adage, not literal. It’s like saying “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.” No one’s talking about throwing an actual baby.