c'mon, dan. you know what he meant. he meant "never admit that anything is ever our fault".
Well, this certainly explains the blue police box I keep seeing behind Obama every time he makes a speech from the Oval Office...
Hes also a muslin' and a 'terrist. I want my 'merica back!
Steele's so batshit crazy even the Republicans don't take him seriously.
Crazy Steele is amusing to watch. I'm actually gonna miss him.

Miss him? Yes. Because you know that if the Republicans fail to take the house and senate this fall, which they will, that Steele will end up taking the blame. He'll have to fall on his sword, and some other crazy will take his place.
When your name is Barack Hussein Obsama bin Laden, of course this is all your fault.
Evel Knievel couldn't jump as many sharks as the fucking Republicans do every day.
@2, very well done indeed.
@8 Seconded.

I think I'm the only person who thinks if Michael Steele totes a rifle, it'll give him creative licence to refer to himself as "Remington Steele".
Well it seems like almost 10 years...
Hey, don't make fun of us constitution fetishists... Just because I get off when my boyfriend wraps the treasured American document around his crotch doesn't mean I'm some sort of freak... So judgmental, Dan.
I'm capable of jumping threw the hopes and seeing how since Obama is commander-in-chief he could've chosen to stop the war in Afghanistan, so that does make it a war of his choosing in way. But we all know if he had pulled the troops out of there on day-1 of his term, the Reps would never forgive him for his cowardice and unwillingness to "fight the terrorists over there so we don't have to fight them over here."

But saying that the war in Afghanistan is not something the U.S. has actively prosecuted, that crosses the fucking line for me. Obama is our head of state, he gets to decide what the US military does, that's just fact. Steele paints it like he hijacked the armed forces with some sort of coup.
Well, Obama has certianly decided to stay in Afghanistan.

That's one of my favorite albums, man. Right on.
I see we're going to have to jump on everything dumb word the opposition says for the next five months. And they do say alot of stupid shit!
Ooops! I see I say everything dumb word myself. Me bad.
Dan is just sore because Obama said that Afghanistan was a War of Necessity but that Dan's favorite war in Iraq was a bullshit distraction....
Oh, Afghanistan!. Let's rally round the troops and bring the war back home!.

@13 has maybe a teeny tiny point: A year and half after taking office, Obama hasn't ended our oil-pipeline protection contract for the big gas firms, it's true. But then again, I don't think the pipeline is finished yet. And even when it is, we'll have to keep those naughty, naughty Taliban from sabotaging it periodically. Yep, the invisible hand of the market, handing profits to the captains of industry, backed up by the very visible fist of the American military. Ahh! Sweet Freedom!
I haven't trusted this Obama fellow since he flew those planes into the World Trade Center.
He caused the Civil War too. Because he's Black.
Glad I'm not the only one who's noticed that apparently nothing happened between 2001 and 2008 according to the wingtards. I actually overheard someone remark that Clinton caused the current Depression (debatable, but still. Jeezus, what frakking morans!)

Doesn't matter though. Soon we'll all be jobless--because unemployment insurance causes unemployment--and dead. From Extreme Socialisms.
Obama also killed baby Jesus!
Republicans are Daleks.
It's quite simple actually... The Cult of FOXNews are so brainwashed that they will actually believe all of the outright, lies told by the GOP tards, like Giuliani, Bachmann, Beck, Rove, AFA, CWA, Rove, Perino, Hannity, O'Reilly, - even the obvious lies. Laziness and stupidity have engulfed the FOXNews cult.... and they'd rather be 100% wrong than have to think for themselves. Pitiful.
This is the new GOP strategy, isn't it? Just make blatantly, demonstrably wrong statements that make the Dems look bad, when in fact it was the total opposite. It's not like anyone but Jon Stewart is going to call them out on it, and no GOP sympathizer watches that commie, so what's the downside?
I think more than half this blog is bull*hit. Obamas president, and has more authority then you all probably ever will. You all are just mad, why? I don't know, but grow up, please, because lieing doesnt make no difference. Im fourteen years old and i am more mature than you all are, its pathetic.

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