Republicans are furious with RNC Chairman Michael Steele, who was caught on camera saying that the war in Afghanistan is a doomed effort launched by President Obama. Steele has no shortage of enemies in the GOP and many of them sense an opportunity here. In fact, several, both privately and publicly, are saying this is the last straw: Steele should resign. "Needless to say, the war in Afghanistan was not 'a war of Obama's choosing,'" reads an open letter to Steele from Weekly Standard editor and influential GOP voice Bill Kristol.... In an interview this afternoon, a livid, top GOP operative put it more bluntly. "This is the height of stupidity and epitomizes the problem that is Michael Steele." A separate GOP operative passed along a comment Steele issued late last year when President Obama agreed—as Republicans were pressuring—to send additional troops to Afghanistan.

In that memo Steele called Afghanistan "a war we have to win." It's a war we have to win even though no one has ever won a war in Afghanistan and we can't win and—sheesh—what the hell was President Obama thinking when he sent American troops into Afghanistan in October of 2001 to fight an un-winnable war?