I can't wait for the "I resign" series of posts either.
Good Luck Paul. I kinda feel like this is like that moment in POLTERGEIST where the psychic goes into the hell-purgatory after the little girl.
Hopefully we've got the rope secured tightly around you so we can yank you back in time. And the analogy continues: Regardless of the outcome, you're still gonna be covered in teabagger ectoplasm.
Permalink is broken, fix plz
And re: the role of black people, it's the same as the point about churches. It's a claim about how things used to be, the Way They Should Be But No Longer Are. These Good Patriotic Blacks are held up, not to show that Tea Party values are black values, but instead to show that Tea Partiers hate modern blacks not because they're black, but because they're no longer good patriotic americans. These days they have the rap music and the baggy pants and they hate America and have the crime and the crack cocaine. It's support for the idea that you can hate black culture without actually being racist against blacks, since you love these old-school historical patriotic blacks.
Ugh, David Barton. When I was in college, my grandfather found out I was taking a constitutional law class and bought me a bunch of his books and videos, which were basically about the same thing you describe. Did he bring up Benjamin Rush at all? I seem to recall that every other quote Barton pulled out was from Benjamin Rush, like "Look! Here's an obscure founding father that history has all but forgotten because he was a religious nut who lacked good ideas! That means we're all supposed to be fundamentalist Christians!" What a hack.
Did it cost anything to enroll? Sorry, too lazy to find out for myself.
@6: Ugh, I was curious too and it took me way too long to find the website. Apparently you need to have "Insider Extreme" membership, which includes "enrollment." It's $9.95 a month, 6 months for $44.95, and a year for $74.95.
way to take one for the team, paul

way to take one for the team, paul

I can't decide if doing this as part of my job would make me love my job or hate it. It would probably not be good for my health, either way.
Man how about a class on grammar and parallel structure.
Yes, but are you white enough to graduate?
A great site to refute this stuff is
Chris Rodda also has a series of videos on YouTube.... great stuff
I'm pretty sure that American Polo was made in The Philippines.
I could never sit through that myself, so thanks for the recap!
"Of course churches were important—were they going to meet at the mall?—because the churches had a huge portion of the wealth, and with wealth came education and prominence in the community."

You say "of course."

But is that really true? Were churches all that rich in 1770? What is YOUR source? Genuinely curious.

I was thinking more like People's Republic of China...
Hmmm... "Faith 101" Sounds like a pretty big topic to cover.

And the class focused only on faith in American history?

They realize that faith and religion have been around for a long time, right? Like, a lot longer than the U.S. has been around, right?

Oh, why am I bothering...
Am I the only one who thought "Why would Beck ask the glamboyant founder of David Barton Gyms in NYC to be a teacher? His main clientele are the evil Gays!" Apparently there is more than on DB . . .
Blacks were servents to them white folk- they had no choice but to be involved...
seems like a long way to go for irony
I don't usually put sentences all in caps, but this is such an excellent idea on multiple levels that it requires caps:

And by send, I mean... whatever the appropriate term is, since it's a virtual university.

Also: Um, Paul... are we to take it that you would recommend Beck U to a friend? Or did you not vote?
I sense a book deal...

But more seriously, can you compare what you learn about American history in every class to what you can find on wikipedia? Also, if you really want some statistics about how Americans in the 17-18th centuries go to church only about as much as we do now, read Spiritual but Not Religious by Robert Fuller.
@24 - I wondered if Paul had voted too - if he voted 'no' but the poll said 100% had voted yes, we would know it was bogus, as bogus as the entire 'university'!

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