What is not reported here is that the American govt has issued it's own Fatwa against Awlaki--the one who is so presumptuous to believe he can speak for Allah. I am sure his current hate-filled screed will help his government kill him easier.
@1 It's not this particular insane person Molly is threatened by, it's the unknown multitudes of insane people that listen to him. It won't change anything if he's dead.

This kind of bs frustrates me to no end. Religious leadership nearly always proves to be the antithesis of moral leadership.
Which dumbshit religion gets the most butthurt when you poke fun at it?

* Islam
* Scientology
* Fundie Christianity
* Mormonism
Well The best thing to do now is blog about restarting everyone draw Muhammad days, Make her lost among so many artists.
That's easy, Matt: Libtards.
Once again, the idiot fundies totally miss the point that it's not their god/prophet being mocked, it's them.

And, as a bonus point of idiocy, 5280 confuses definition of "religion" and "political preference."
i bet she's shakin in her bruka.. fuckn extreme (ist) pussies.
These assholes really need to learn some manners. I'm heartily sick of being bullied by other people's psychoses.

Long Live Molly Norris! Death to Rudely Murderous Assholes Already!!
Fuck Muhammed in his ear. I'm really over the muslims. I know I'm supposed to think that it is just a small group of radicals that is ruining it for the rest of them, but I'm really starting to believe that they are just a bunch of worthless cocks. Jihad, burqas, honor killings. Islam is a gutter of mindless submission and slavery. Don't get me wrong, I can't stand the christians either. At least I'm an equal opportunity hater.
It is now clear to me that it is every freedom loving person's duty to draw Mohammed daily.
I'm going to go draw a tasteful image of Mo in a loving, long-term, homosexual relationship.
I'm doodling cartoons of Mohammed as I read this.

Why? Because they're being jerks.
@ 11, way to fight the power, Will.
I think Matt's post @3 oughta be turned into a Slog poll.
@13 I think until people start blowing themselves up in markets in the name of Zenu, the Muslims take the cake.
I support the idea of draw Muhammad day but let's be honest here. You don't need to apologize to her. She knew this was going to happen. There was no doubt in anybody's mind that there would be a Fatwa on her. It was an absolute 100% guarantee and if she didn't know it she's an idiot.

I think it would be best if she take a little road trip for a while. She's welcome to crash on my couch for a while until this thing blows over.
can we please drop a missile on this asshole already?
I'm confused -- wasn't this eventuality more or less what the originator was trolling for? If you slap a skunk upside the head or jam your arm into a nest of yellowjackets, yelling "Look what I'm doing; everyone do this!", is anyone supposed to care enough to rush to your defense after the inevitable outcome?
@3 ftw for Best Poll For SLOG Now That World Cup Is Over.
Terrifying that one of our fragile arts community could be so targeted. In a way it would be awesome for the Stranger-perhaps all supportive publications-to publish large special sections packed with images devoted to their own "Draw Mohammed" contests but that very likely would start a wave of senseless violence.
now if only I could figure out why all my drawings of Mohammed look like Towelie.
I love Molly. She is a brilliant girl and has a heart of gold. I think this is just disgusting. I too am SO OVER religious extremism and intolerance from ALL SIDES. GROW UP PEOPLE!
@2 - you're totally right and I am with you in sentiment. My point was about the hypocrisy of the US gov't, who should not be in the business of Fatwa's against it's own citizens IMHO. He's an asshole and most likely a criminal for inciting violence and conspiring to commit those acts, but assassination without due process is still bullshit.
Once again, the idiot fundies totally miss the point that it's not their god/prophet being mocked, it's them.

I'm not convinced that they missed that part. I am convinced that being ignored by everyone would enrage them more than any insults or jokes hurled in their direction. Fecking narcissists.
Molly also later retracted her call for Draw Mo Day, I'm betting because once it blew up she saw this coming. Lesson? Trying to placate these ignorant brainwashed crinimals doesn't help.

Which dumbshit religion gets the most butthurt when you poke fun at it?

all of them, in different ways

* Islam- through death threats, violence
* Scientology- through litigiousness
* Fundie Christianity- through crass political maneuvers
* Mormonism- through crass political maneuvers, also magic underwear
I like drawing Moo Ham Ed. I'm drawing him right now on my T-Bag...
Anything for Fame, right Molly? This is Art & Entertainment at it's best. I wonder which B-list gallery will pick her up now.
They construe it as ridicule of Mohammed, but it is really they who are being ridiculed. Those who would respond to ridicule with murder are unfit to breathe free air. I hope this piece-of-shit cleric gets put away for a long, long time.
To - Rotten666 , Matt from Denver , merry and the rest of you here ! what's the point of drawing our Prophet Mohammad ( salla allah 3alayhe wasalam )? this show's us how sick you are and the hate you have in your heart's , before taking and making fun of our Prophet Mohammad ( salla allah 3alayhe wasalam ) go and educate your self's , if we are killers !! how come a killer NEVER made fun of other religion ?
Mohabb: The point of drawing the Prophet as a spool of thread, a cup of tea, and a domino, or as a guy in a bear suit for that matter, is to point out that Muslim fanatics like al-Awlaki are so insecure in their own faith that they go to violent extremes to prove how "righteous" they are. Do you suppose that Mohammed was in reality a collection of inanimate objects? No, duh, he wasn't. The so-called "depiction" of Mohammed is in reality a reflection of Muslims like you, who condemn us non-believers as hateful and sick.

Get over yourself. Your assumption that the rest of us are ignorant about Islam is arrogant and ignorant. If Muslims ever want their religion to be taken seriously, they need to learn to take a joke. You don't prove how awesome you and your religion are by trash talking the people on this thread. You just prove how scared and insecure you are of opinions that differ from your own.
Hey, Mohabb, I don't suppose I could get you to send me another copy of the Koran? Because I've just about used all of the one I've got as toilet paper, and I could use some more.

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