Marriage equality supporters take to the airwaves...

While our enemies give the altar boys a break and mount their pulpits instead:

The queer-hating Catholic Church in Argentina has stepped up its offensive against gay marriage in the South American nation. Using Sunday Mass to rally the faithful to protest before Congress on the eve of a decisive Senate vote. Argentina, where 91 percent of the population says it is Catholic, could become the first nation in the region to pass a law legalizing marriage between same-sex couples if the Senate adopts the bill before it on Wednesday.

During Sunday Mass, church officials read a message from Buenos Aires Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio in which he urged the faithful to protest Tuesday in front of Congress. The Bishops of La Pampa, a central province, published a document in which they defended a family model “with a mom and a dad, naturally endowed with the remarkable wealth of fertility.”

And allowing same-sex couples to marry will, you know, harm straight families and undermine fertility because, um, you know, because. The Mormons piled on too—more here.