In response to our records request, the state's transportation department has released its draft environmental impact statement on the deep-bore tunnel and we've posted it online for everyone to see. The state wasn't planning on releasing this until October, but since but since the city council is planning to vote on the tunnel contract with the state next month, we figured this should go out as soon as possible. We still haven't looked at it, so you take a look, we'll take a look, and we can all see what's inside. There are three parts:

The draft provided to city hall in May (65 MB zip file).

The most recent draft, with markups of changes (128 MB zip file).

And comments from the mayor's office and responses from WSDOT (.pdf).

And, just to keep in mind, these are all drafts. The state will officially release the records in October for public comment and then release the final version next May or June.