The folks at Out for Sustainability issued a challenge this morning, and Slog readers have responded with some rather interesting ideas for helping the Seattle Pride Parade produce less trash each year.

For example, Out for Sustainability suggested:

Trucks spewing carbon, holding our community leaders (and some near naked muscle boys), could be replaced by people-powered floats, showing off our creativity.

And Slog commenter Canuck replied:

If the floats were pulled by the near naked muscle boys, that would be really......creative!

Definitely. Meanwhile, commenter Chef Thunder is willing to risk the wrath of lesbian motorcycle riders (and their fans) everywhere if it means helping the environment:

Ok I know I will get in trouble for this and I know it is a tradition but… How about getting the seemingly endless circling of the Dykes on Bykes (seeing them once is a tradition the ∞ number of times they ride by is just toxic and boring) to be shorter and/or bicycle powered?

And then there's this, from commenter rob!:

How about solar stills on the back end of the Honey Buckets to provide a continuous flow of drinking water?

I'm not sure I understand that one. But! If you have additional ideas for making Seattle Pride into less of a trash producer, please dive on in.