I'm sorry, I only had to read "comprehensive street improvements throughout the city" and had to ask? How are we going to pay for THAT little project?
speaking of bike infrastructure....the new bike lanes on Roosevelt they just installed this week are fucking AWESOME!
Thank you to everyone involved!
Nickerson Street is about to be destroyed for the sake of 100 or so bike commuters (far, far fewer in the winter months. For the other 99% who commute by car or bus: expect total gridlock.
@1: If you had bothered to read even half the article - takes about a minute - you'd realize how stupid that comment was.

@3: Right. As opposed to the complete and total smooth sailing everyone is experiencing now. [/snark] Ironically, people who have your viewpoint are the exact kind of people who ought to go to this bash. Come. Express your concerns. Convince or be convinced. Help us build a city that's safe for pedestrians and cyclists that you can be happy with, too.

Or, keep shitting yourself thinking that the sky is going to fall. Your choice.
Budget crisis...time to demand more money for our pet project?

Bike licenses!? Fuck that. Just give us the funding, dammit. Money is magic, right?

Sadly, two years ago, I'd be enthused for these people. You can thank the rich people for tanking the economy, thereby causing your project's budget shortfalls, by taxing the hell out of them.

[Aside, Money is indeed a mass delusion, but that's neither here nor there]
Zelbain; Are you saying that because Nickerson is busy and congested now, that jusitifies making it much, much, worse?

By the way, I'm not shitting myself, just pointing out the fact that Nickerson (the street I live on) is about to become a traffic clusterfuck. Let's compare notes four weeks from now.

I may attend the party tonight. I 'm sure my opposing views will be welcomed and calmly condsidered by all present.
All of the Nickerson complaints sound just like "the sky is falling complaints" about Stone Way. Reality is just never that dramatic.
@7: Stoneway desn't have a draw bridge at either end that brings all trafic to a complete stand still. You may have noticied (IF you have ever driven on Nickerson) that this happens dozens of times per day.
#8: Ummmm... then why don't you complain about the drawbridges instead of the bikers?

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