His analysis... seems valid.
Why are you trying to make Jesus cry with your "facts" and "context"? Are you one of those hoity-toits trying to win the Noble Prize? Because you know we don't stand for that among our citizens here in America, right?
I mean, as long as you got some sort of compensation for going...
Why is there a giant glowing vagina in the sky above moses?

Never seems to occur to these people that religious people could still strongly intend and deliberately work toward a secular government, with protections for religious freedom.

It doesn't matter a damn if they were all ordained clergy who were assumed bodily into heaven while the ink on the Constitution was drying.

The COUNTRY is still not Christian, even if everyone in it was.
Holy shit.

That is some blatant cut and pasting right there. How does this guy LIVE with his obviously false opinions?
Woodrow Wilson was no progressive. He was a hard-core racist who put into place much of the legal structure of Jim Crow.
Paul, you're bringing "taking one for the team" to the next level. A thousand blessings on you for sitting through this bullshit and summarizing, so we don't have to suffer through it ourselves.

And holy shit, that Barton loon really went to town butchering that letter. How the fuck do these people sleep at night?
Also, I love how wing-tards think that liberals and progressives are all lazy, shiftless, no-ambition, unemployed, welfare-collecting, pot-smoking, ne'er-do-well hippies, and yet somehow we managed to put together AND implement a nefarious 100-year plan to destroy the country.

Obviously this battle was fought years ago near the intersection of Mercer St. & Dexter Ave. N.
that's a horrible looking seal
Well, you can't argue with people who make up the facts.
@10, now you're going to make me cry. I loved those blue labia.
Why do liberals need a hundred years to destroy America? The republicans did it in eight.
It should be noted that the assertion that Jefferson signed papers "in the year of our Lord Christ" is false.…

(warning: link is a rather long rebuttal)
@13: Blue labia?…
WARNING: not safe for work, stomachs, or anything, really. In fact, you probably shouldn't click on it.
Urgutha: Amen.
The Founding Fathers were in a unique position in American Politics: Since many of their documented public statements preceded the revolution, they had a freedom to be candid about their true beliefs that has never been duplicated. Once politicians had to start winning votes from the American electorate, those progressive views on religion dropped from public sight pretty quickly.

I'll bet lots of leaders since have held similar beliefs in private, but they're never gonna say so in public.
@15, that's a beautiful debunking article, and proves beyond a doubt that Barton's work is garbage, and Beck's "university" is completely bogus.

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