I would so vote for Joe, but just the name SIZEMORE makes me a bit weak... can we ask them to pose nude to finish the argument?
Only shirtless pix can win our HRILF candidate votes.
Can we please have a third option like the hot guy from the Washington Bus? He is clearly the HOTtest of the three of them.
I voted for Joe, but only because he won the Turkish oil wrestling, and Scott only got third place.
pubic chin
I vote for the beardy guy on the left of the 2nd pic.
Joe has better hair and endurable facial features.
He's a hottie in the long run. Look at his hands!
pubic chin being "pretty face" not beardo
Whomever has the largest peni$ of course!...
Fitzfibbons was maybe the only politician whose CHBP appearance wasn't embarrassingly awkward and pandery.
Only 12% love for girly-looking boys with chin pubes? I thought there'd be more lesbians reading this blog/rag.
Toby is dreamy, but if we're stuck with people running for office -

Eric Oemig. Done and done.
Fitzgibbon (and Toby too) score way higher on technical points, but Sizemore is just the sort of eyelash-batting hot mess I go for.
Sorry, Scott Sizemore, but it's not even close.
I would have to taste their nuts before I could decide.
@15, if I had to guess from these photos I'd say Joe has no hair yet down there, Toby clearly uses his Groomsman every single day, but Scott's all like, "it's just a little fungus, everyone's got some".
he might have shaved. oily hair gets in the way when you're competing, gg.
From those photos, I'd go for Joe.

But if Scott would shave that shitty little patch off his chin, I'd switch my vote in a second. I love that fey look and the silly hands. He's clearly making no attempt whatsoever to appear butch. That scores points. And you know that if he parts his hair in the middle like that, it means he smokes pot, right? (Let the record show that I also parted my hair in the middle when I was in high school.) The fact that I'm going on and on about him must mean something. It means: shave that shit off your chin, dammit!
Aw. I feel bad for the guy only getting 15% of the vote. But that picture isn't doing him any favors...
Hold up. Who is the sexy man on the left???
Click through Washington Bus to their 2009 summer fellows. Will Canine for Governor!
I voted for the guy Scott, he obviously has a sense of humor with that pose. . . .but truthfully, neither canidate is very hot.. .it's the bearded guy on the left who is HOT!
I want to vote for the bearded man.
@22 et al--clearly beardy on the left is the hottest. That is indisputable, which is why he wasn't included in the poll. If he ever runs for office, I promise you there will be many pictures of him on slog, fondling his stapler.
From Sizemore's candidate staement:
"The office of a Congressman comes with a price of two years and the scorn of an entire nation. It is a harsh and dirty job, filled with peril and devoid of grace. To accept this position is to give the constituency a piece of one's life."

What a tool.
@25 nah, we love our Congressman Jim McDermott ... if you come to the 43rd Dems BBQ on Saturday 11-3 at Ravenna Park you'll see it's true.
Yeah, I really like the bearded dude... simply gorgeous, but he wasn't up for the vote... so, I guess it's a write in. The pretty boy is fine, but he is not the challenge I enjoy and always overcome.
@26. I didn't say it. It was Sizemore. The guy's over-the-top and so melodramatic.
A) The bar for politicos is somewhat lower than for oh say any other profession. Like they say, D.C. is Hollywood for ugly people.

B) Joe Fitzgibbon is the hottest politico since Dave Upthegrove. He's also really nice and super qualified. However, the Stranger's lust for Fitzgibbon kind of creeped me out. I mean, I know this primary is boring as hell, but don't be surprised if you get hit with a restraining order. Just saying.

C) Sizemore is, in fact, a tool. (His business card has a magician's hat and mustache on it-- with no mention that he's running for Congress.)

D) Toby Crittendon from the Bus is smokin'-- so fine I will break my iron-clad "No Hipsters" rule to admit as much. You should stalk him next.
I vote for the guy on the left.
@24 - how about a picture of him fondling MY stapler? Arf arf.
mmmmm, flushing nethers.
All of you are haters. Scott is a well informed, intelligent, and well...studious man. I'm ashamed of those who have commented, on the obviously last minute, photo of him. I doubt you have even slightly researched his endeavors and if you truly looked into him, you'd know he's very sexy, smart, and well informed. For shame!!! Shun the non-believers...shuuuuunnnn---nuuuuu.
Toby Crittenden

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