2 posted a picture of the bike rack on their twitter last nite:
Had a fun time hanging out with Tim Burgess and his wife.

Yes, Richard, I'm gunning for you ...
And yet half of us in the southside don't have sidewalks.
@2, thanks! I've added a link to the pic in my post.
@4 and as they said last night, you're not going to get them until 2030, unless they kill the Billionaires Tunnel.
Never seen so many entitled white middle class people in my life.
@7 white?

I'll tell Yusif and everyone else you think they're white. People tend to clump together.
@4 South Seattle is of no concern to the Mayor or his bike rider fans. Very few of the people at Nectar last night have ever set foot in South Seattle.
Wow, that must have been some party. Really bummed I missed it.
Hey, 9, you're wrong. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor took a 3 hour walking tour of Rainier Beach a few weeks back. Plus, RB is one of only 2 neighborhoods getting a neighborhood plan update. & did you notice that SE is where the Fed's money is going to be spent on energy retrofits?
The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Complain often and loudly about the need for more sidewalks and other pedestrian improvements. We have a really good ped master plan with no money behind it--which is the key thing that leads these plans to succeed or fail.
Let's be honest. Does McGinn have the body of a cyclist?
@13 cyclists come in every shape. Riding a bicycle for transportation just isn't "that hard", and unless you really push yourself regularly and consistently can be a tough way to shed pounds.

I found the Nectar that evening by accident, we were just riding out for a drink. It was a huge surprise to run into the mayor in front of the bike racks as he was preparing to take off for the night.
You're talking to a bike commuter SofaKing. Found it to be one of the most effective ways to lose some excess pounds. That's why McGinn strikes me as a phoney. I'm told he only rides his bike when there's a photo-op.

Sorry if I ruined you illusion of the man.

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