It gets worse:

Laurence Fishburne's wannabe porn star daughter was arrested last year for alleged prostitution, according to newly uncovered court records.

The Matrix star was said to be furious after his teenage daughter Montana announced plans to release an adult video later this month.

But the actor has had other things to worry about in the past - the 19 year old nearly ended up in jail after she was caught reportedly selling sex, according to legal documents filed in the Superior Court of California and obtained by

In this world, the ordinary world of codes and customs, and we are almost certain that Montana is a full citizen of the ordinary world of codes and customs, there are only two possible explanations for this kind of extreme behavior: One, from crust to core, Montana really hates her father (the absolute master of her little universe) and will do anything to make him feel it. Or two, the father is awfully tight with his money, provided her with zero resources to make a living, and she now owns nothing but the last and most fundamental resource, a genetic resource everyone gets for free, the body. Which is it? If one, we can begin to suspect that the daughter wanted sex from the father but was denied—this block meant that she could never be like her mother, a woman who fucked the absolute master. The result? Montana has decided to fuck the complete opposite of the one and true master: whatever or any man.