I have no problem with the rain. 100+ days and 90 nights are a reality for some people I know.
I rather enjoy the rain, keeps me inside to get some house cleaning I've been putting off the past few weeks. I just wish it was raining harder for those Seafair fans....much much harder.
It's not clear to me what you want.

The air show is performed in a really stupid and inaccessible place.

They should move it south, or even to Puget Sound around Tacoma where the view is far more accessible.
And where's 5280 to explain to us that global warming is a hoax?
Below avg temps aside, I believe this is the first rainy day we've had so far this 'summer'...
Is this a complaint about the weather, the planes, or Sea Fair? Oh, wait. No, I think it's a complaint about the Russian weather. Or are you just sad about vacation coming to an end? Hungover? Well, whatever your complaint is, we love to hear from you now and then. Keep in touch. Kay?, B-Bye.
Fighter jets are awesome. Why do you hate America?
Gee, Dan, didn't you get the memo? Summer's over. Hope you enjoyed it.
This is the first day it's rained in a really long time. Yeah, the temperatures haven't been as hot as last year's record breakers, but it's been a dry summer in Seattle so far.
Welcome home, Dan! I love you when you're like this. You always sound like you need a good cuddle. Go get one and here is a virtual, 100% physical contact free ie no girl germs, one to welcome you back.
I know! What is up with people enjoying different things than you? Isn't the Block Party and bunch of gay, hairy men in a bath tub parade float good enough? What is up with that?
Arizona is already uninhabitable.
I'm a gardener so I am always happy for a nice long drizzly day in the middle of our ever-so-dry August. A nice break from the heat (which I'll agree we've had too little of this year). Thank the gods it is Russia suffering and not us. I left the midwest to get away from that unbearable shit. Our long, cold spring was awful. A warm drizzly day is perfectly welcome.
You just got back from the beach. I just got back from a week of camping in the rain, making coffee in a downpour, having a moose break into our food tent and eat the wires to my iPod speakers, along with most of our snacks, and I got home to see the DVDs I had rented and meant to return pre-trip sitting by the front door. Sorry, what were you saying? Oh, yes, sorry about the rain least you have a roof.
Well then. It looks as if somebody has gone back to Seattle.

I'm sure the Puget Sound is thrilled to have its grounds once more graced by someone's presence and their whining climatological grievances.
@15: That's what she said!

Behold the destruction of our nation's "Night Danger" as it comes to one's campground. :(
@15: Also, I can't get that Scissors Sisters song out of my head this week. I place the blame squarely on you. :)
I am now very motivated to dig an underground shelter.
Dan's holiday calendar:
Seafair: Same fucking planes executing the same fucking stunts year after year.
Bumbershoot: Same fucking music festival executing the same fucking music, crowds and shitty food year after year.
Dan's birthday: Same fucking old queen just getting older and more fucking bitter year after year.
Halloween: Same fucking children dressing up in the same fucking plastic costumes year after year.
Thanksgiving: Same fucking turkeys and gravy executing the same fucking dinner year after year.
Christmas: Same fucking fat imaginary elf executing the same fucking sleigh ride year after year.
New Year: Same fucking drunks executing the same fucking drunkeness year after year, but with douchebag announcers broadcasting the entire thing on the teevee.
St. Patrick's Day: Same fucking faux-Irish people executing the same fucking faux-Irish parade year after year.
Folk Life: Same fucking hippies executing the same fucking sad music festival year after year.
Seattle Pride: Same fucking queens executing the same fucking floats year after year.
Fourth of July: Same fucking corporations executing the same fucking fireworks year after year.
Block Party: Same fucking hipsters executing the same fucking douchefest year after year.
Hempfest: More fucking hippies executing yet another fucking douchefest year after year.

At least when it rains on Blue Angel's pilots it doesn't make their makeup run....
The Blue Angels are sweet. Why do you hate America Dan?
The only time Dan appreciates Naval aviators is when they offer him a supersonic reach around.
Despite his guns, Dan is clearly an old man now. This constant complaining about the weather could be verbatim from my grandfather.
Dan, we can ship your sorry ass to Russia so you can enjoy the "toasty" weather. Yes, it's weather wimps that make the rest of us sane ones want to whip yo azz.
After walking around most of the day I'm going to break ranks and say "yes, you may complain about the god damn weather today".
@18 Bwa ha ha! Try listening to "Whole New Way" from their new CD. Dare you to stop playing THAT one...
What Fnarf said.

Now THAT was fucking funny. FTW.
I just got back from watching two 10-year olds at Lake City Pioneer Days as they used their unlimited-use passes in the inflatables zone. It took precisely 1 run down the inflatable slide for them to become soaked, so of course they did it a dozen times, with a few dozen runs through the obstacle courses, which featured more puddles, as well as walls that they assure me you could only get over by flinging yourself at them at top speed, as the footholds were too slick to use.

So, actually, I think this weather was pretty awesome.

Didn't someone once say, "In America, it's never too early to complain?"

If not, I just did.
The blue angels are like the faggots and their stupid parade. Too loud, and too showy for no good reason. All noise and very little visible action.

Go ahead and cancel the airshow, but take the faggots as well. We don't need either.
Oops, sorry. I was quoting my neighbor on that post above, and didn't get to attribute it to him. After seven years and everything but the colonel and I copulating in front of him, "the gays" are still an abstract.

I really can't blame the poor dear though. I think the noise gets to him. If not the noise of the jets, then the noise of our dogs, plus the noise of us shouting at them to shut up.
@32 and 33, Catalina, this is the "bitching about the weather" thread, not the "bitching about the Blue Angels" thread, but any-hoo, I'm your neighbour complaining that the gays don't have enough "visible action" at their parade? Sounds like he might find a little more to *watch* at that Folsom parade, if Loveschild's impressionable family is to be believed... :)
I do like these weekend gripe-as-you-will threads! I shudder for the Russians - the coverage today painted a picture of misery. Augh.
Dear Mr. Savage, you have used all of your "whiny-ass-complaining-about-the-summer-weather" tokens for summer 2010. Stop. Or move.
The bizarrely warm weather in Russia is, well, terrifying. The problem now is that global warming is already happening, and the time to do something about it would have been decades ago; we are now going to see a global series of crises and catastrophes that will shatter our safe and simple perception of the universe, in addition to many other things... like windows.

To make matters worse, I can't stand warm weather.
Why do those dolts in the 'burbs people make the fucking Blue Angels come to town? I hate them so! O, glorious city people for me! They do not like the Blue Angels, none of them, because they are non-burby. Fuck the 'burbs and their airplane-liking!
You want to complain? Look at these shoes! I've only had them three weeks and the heels are worn right through! If you complain nothing happens, you might as well not bother. Oh my back hurts, it's not a very fine day and I'm sick and tired of this office!
At least it's raining on the dolts who move here from Chicago and complain about the weather.
34, although he puts forth the persona of the stoic Northwesterner, I believe that secretly he would very much into at least some of the action at Folsom. However, I don't feel the need to help him along that path.

In any event, he's a wonderful gardener, who gives us all kinds of produce, and I wouldn't want to distract him from that. I listen to him pontificate (it's not just the gays. He pretty much disapproves of the way everyone does everything) take my bushel basket and go on my way.
"blue angels are like the faggots and their stupid parade. "

Except being a faggot requires no particular skill, talent and in Seattle, balls.
41, when I was growing up, our Italian neighbour complained about everything, but my mom was more than happy to listen in return for regular steaming platefuls of fried zucchini....mmmmm.
I thought only old Seattlites complained about noisy things and fun?
@40: Once a Chicagoan, always a Chicagoan.

Unless you move to Kirkland.
Dan, I love you, but I'm still going to call you a scrotum every time you complain about the weather. Kisses!!!!

The rain is making my basil and carrots quite happy.
When did Andy Rooney start writing Dan's columns?
I'm with @3 -- it's not clear to me what you want. Are you asking us all to complain along with you? Do you want to change the weather? I mean, what the fuck? This is the weather in Seattle. You're also within your rights to complain about how early the sun comes up here in the summer, or how late it comes up in the winter. I just think the consensus is that you'd be kind of an idiot for doing so. I think that's why people give you shit about complaining about the weather. It's like dating someone and then spending all your spare time calling them fat -- if you don't find Seattle attractive, don't date Seattle. But if you're going to date Seattle, be nice.

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