Rossi has great expectations—for his opponent.
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  • Rossi has great expectations—for his opponent.
After a speech to a bunch of Rotarians at the Washington Athletic Club this morning—at which he sang and told a slightly off-color joke, video later—I asked Dino Rossi to join our prediction pool for the Washington Senate race point spread.

He declined to say anything about the percentage of the primary vote that he expects to get, but he happily set the bar for Democratic Senator Patty Murray about 10 points above what everyone expects her to receive, telling me:

I think she needs to be in the mid-50s to be safe.

What do you think the Didier-Murray-Rossi spread is going to be when the primary voting's all over and counted? Dive into the pool and tell me your prediction. I'll be keeping track, and giving Slog fame to whoever's closest.