I'm pretty sure the Dino Three Strikes bill will fly thru the Senate.
I hope the Inslee Three Strikes joke has been refined. I've heard it three times now, and each time it gets a little better, but still sounds pretty fucking stupid.
Can there be a 30 Strikes And You're Out bill for Eyman, please? (He's reached 30 already right?)
I'd actually like to see Patty Murray move away from the "Mom in Tennis Shoes" thing and talk more about how she's a qualified, experienced legislator. "Mom in Tennis Shoes" feels a little too "Hockey Mom" for my taste.
KING tv was covering his speech live until about 5 minutes after he stopped talking about Patty. The anchor claimed they cut away because Obama was just continuing his campaign speech for Patty. Robert Mak then kept pointing out that people in Seattle approve of Obama a lot more than people outside of the downtown core.

TV is funny.
Who is Robert Mak?
I'm sitting here with over 1,000 people listening to the president and remembering why I voted for this guy. He makes me so proud to be an American. His election is such a powerful testament to the values of the American people.

Can someone get a rag for Councilman Burgess to wipe the jizz off his chin?
8-ugh. Yeah, all that glowing rhetoric and lurching to the right is really helping us out.
@8: he went to the Murray fundraiser from the Rossi speech - no snark about that?
8-ugh. Yeah, all that glowing rhetoric while lurching to the right is really helping us out.
Where's our troops? Why aren't they home from the foreign wars of Republican adventure?

I mean, I just watched The Pacific miniseries on HBO and we fought half the world in HALF the time ... so I'm expecting all the troops - and the mercs - home - today. now.
A jaded friend who goes to all the rubber-chicken fundraisers said this one really was special, an unexpectedly hands-down fantastic rhetorical experience. Hopes Murray's people videoed it for her campaign website.
@10, I could go on about Burgess, but I try to keep my snarky comments brief. I do hope Rossi gets pummeled tonight (but not optimistic). That guy is the biggest sad sack of a politician since Coolidge.
@10: No, Burgess wasn't at the Rossi speech. He was coming from some sort of breakfast discussion about youth violence prevention, and I ran into him on the sidewalk outside the venue where the Rossi speech had taken place.
Tim Burgess wasn't there -- it's impossible. Burgess is a Republican, not a Democrat. Dominic Holden said so. I read it in The Stranger.

I suppose you're calling Dominic Holden a liar? I'm going to tell him you said that.
Sigh. Now Obama just needs to get better at decisive action...

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