Tell Rossi to stop trying to use his Chinese-made hoverplane.
"Maverick is going supersonic!"

Quote source and context
I work in Kent and this freaked me and my co-workers the fuck out. It felt like King Kong (or a T-Rex) jumping twice on top of our building. The whole structure shook downward.
Maybe I'm just cranky and old, but we heard sonic booms all the time when I was a kid. No big deal.
This is just ridiculous. The two sonic booms caused an overload of the 911 system for a period of time here in Lacey. For what? Why couldn't they just radio the pilot in violation and inform him to direct his aircraft away? Why did they fly two jets laden with chemical weapons and bombs over populated areas? Is the government trying to tell us something and if so, what are they trying to tell us?
@4 I was thinking the same thing, it used to be pretty commonplace to hear sonic booms, but then the feds outlawed their production by commercial aircraft. We're just not used to them anymore.
Gee, when someone violates MY airspace, the only sound I hear is butt backfire.

I believe they're trying to tell us, "if you even appear to be potentially in a position to try to fuck with POTUS, be prepared to get your ass handed to you (along with whatever's left of all your other body parts) on the business end of a $15 mm stick."
Howzit possible, after all those billions spent on national security, that a bozo can take off from Chelan and aim his plane toward Seattle without filing a flight plan that acknowledges he's aware of the No Fly restriction?
@9 because we're a free country.
Right, free. If that little plane had been an assassination attempt, they would have succeeded since the F-15s did not arrive in time to intercept, supersonic or not. Washington State is teeming with military bases and major tech companies. Why did NORAD station the F-15s in Portland? Is something big going on down there or does NORAD have an ulterior motive? NORAD has yet to answer questions regarding the 9/11 attacks, probably because they were wrong regardless of the situation. The west coast was more secure at the end of World War II than it is now.

“The Western Air Defense Sector (WADS) is one of two sectors responsible to NORAD’s aerospace warning and control mission. The Western Air Defense Sector is part of the Continental U.S. NORAD region. There are also Canadian and Alaskan NORAD regions. We guard America’s skies every day, 24 hours a day. The men and women of the Western Air Defense Sector detect, identify, track, and can scramble fighters to intercept unknown or threatening airborne objects.” RUsure?

“The Washington Air National Guard (WA ANG) is located throughout our great state in areas such as Fairchild Air Force Base, McChord Air Force Base, Seattle, Everett, and Tacoma.”

RUsure? It did not happen when the President was visiting Washington.

“On February 28, 2010, an E3 Sentry AWACS flew out of McChord Field in support of the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver, Canada. An AWACS was on station 24/7 over the Olympics venue during the games. Lt. Col. Daniel “Dano” Russ, Western Air Defense Sector’s JAG flew with the AWACS crew on their 15+ hour multiple refueling missions.” (, 2010)

Okay, I guess I am confused, the Olympics are more important than the “Leader of the Free World.” RUsure? Do we have our priorities right? Washington State could not get a helicopter or anything in the air to check out the breach of Presidential airspace despite the facts that, we have not only a multitude of military bases, but we also have Boeing. I am searching for an answer here. Why is our security everywhere but in the United States?
RUsure... the USAF does not scramble helicopters. Up until that line you had me actually convinced you've done your homework.

Stop trying to create a conspiracy theory out of it. All it came down to was miscommunication and I'll leave it at that because well... you DON'T need to know.

...and now you know the rest of the story, GOOD DAY. (Paul Harvey line, it's old school.)

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