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I love the vacant eyed hot mess in the red shirt.
The cops should stake out the protesters homes and workplaces and arrest them for hiring illegal workers.

Cause that would be fun ...
thanks for the rage.
@1 agreed.
That's Linden LaRouche eyes.
wow, "lead US in Repentance" guy looks near-identical to my dad, i had to check 3 times to make sure it wasn't him.
At worst I'm still grateful that we weren't stuck with senile and the ditz in the white house.
We're not the fucking Judean People's Front! We're the People's Front of Judea!
vacant-eyed red shirt boy hasn't had his cherry popped, and NO, i am not volunteering to do it.
is it still illegal to stab larouchies?
Save NASA?

Bigger Genitals!
Save NASA so we can send that fucker into outerspace.
@10: God I hope not.

As for NASA, that's precisely where we should be spending money. The technologies we've developed for space travel have always paid for themselves, and god knows even if they didn't, we could use some public investment in jobs right now.

Now then, I have to go take a shower, since I just agreed with a LaRouchetard about something. >
@9, it's a safe bet I would, no matter how stupid an idea it would be. I am a bee to whackos' sticky nuts n' honey.

For example, did you see 7th District faux candidate Scott Sizemore's latest attempt to get some consideration as cuter than Joe Fitzgibbon in the thread on endorsements this week? His comment linked to a picture of himself shirtless. In drawstring pants. Holding SWORDS. That is what I am talking about.
Everybody already said everything I could think of about Red Shirt Boy. @9, you're probably right, but when that cherry goes, there'll be no holding him back.

Also, Warmonger 2.0 man is kind of hot.
Were these signs all symptoms of heat stroke?
And we thought Pakistan was full of crazies!
I would happily grudge-fuck Red Shirt Boy, and then burn his sign, just to see the resulting implosion.
Save NASA from the realistic budget projections Bush never owned up to, lol. "Go back to the Moon, then Mars! Here's $5." -Dubya
I would love to have a mini-launch site for NASA rockets here in WA.
@21 I agree.

How about Mercer Island?

Meet me at the corner of 4th and Loon.
newsflash to red shirt: you can't impeach a president because he makes funding decisions you don't agree with. if you could, Bush would've been out by the end of his first week. As would EVERY president.

the only person in these photos who seems like he MIGHT agree with me about anything and be possibly reasoned about it is the guy with the "voting holiday" sign, because that really would spread democracy and give people more time/reminders/incentive to vote. but from the rest of his cavalcade of signs, I just don't know.
Remember during the Bush administration when they would set up "free speech zones" a mile away from wherever the President or Vice President was? Those were good times.
I still love the sign at the first Seattle tea bagger rally. "I shaved my balls for this?"
Ironic seeing the NASA guy after watching a documentary on how Fermilab (along with other research science projects) made huge layoffs because Bush cut the funding in 2005 or so.
I am happy to see that people in Seattle bothered to check the spelling of words before committing them to inked signs. Forethought and consideration augment the sincerity of their messages.
Of all the commands on these signs - "Save NASA," "Boycott Arizona," etc - my favorite is "Pork Patty." Because who wouldn't?

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