....in a big weird warehouse in Bellevue, and the Stranger Election Control Board is there.

The interior of this warehouse is plastered with Rossi posters and American flags. The exterior of the warehouse looks like every shitty office park you've ever dreaded driving past.

Outside the warehouse there are approximately six TV news vans. Inside the warehouse there are roughly two dozen people, the majority of them of retirement age; most are gumming hamburgers in folding chairs. The music playing over the speakers is, weirdly, MGMT's "Time to Pretend." There is a grill onto which pre-formed and frozen hamburger patties are thrown, and there is a line of old folks fanning themselves with paper plates while waiting for hamburgers. The candidate is nowhere to be seen.

UPDATE: Dino Rossi's grill masters are not even toasting the buns of his guests' hamburgers and hot dogs. And there is NO BOOZE.