it still amazes me that she's an effective senator. it must not be that hard.
No food in sight? Shit, I signed up for the Patty Murray rally here in Spokane on Thursday at 7:30 of the am. THERE HAD BETTER BE DONUTS AND COFFEE AT THAT HOUR.
Seattle calls them tennis shoes too? Everyone (including myself) called them tennis shoes when I was growing up in Minnesota, then when I moved to New York, they were calling them sneakers and they thought I was crazy.

Sorry... what were we talking about again?
I grew up in OR & WA and, unless you were actually wearing them to play tennis, they were called sneakers.
I grew up (yes, yes) on Capitol Hill, where we called them "tennie runners" (and where my mother called a garbage can a "waysewee-er basket").
why are y'all talking about the tennis shoes? there is a poster right next to her head that says FIVE FEET OF WHOOP ASS. pay attention to the important stuff, people! patty rules.

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