The people I went to high school with look very different now too. Rossi is so much like the everday person. Gosh. I hope he wins.
I got news for you, lady. He's still just a dude. That's all he'll ever be.
So what do we get if our prediction won?
he's roadkill and he knows it.
Max is right. He didn't break above 40, so he basically lost. This was his high water mark - he'll be lucky if he pulls 85 percent of Didier's votes to him.

The only thing Comrade Rossi has going for him right now is the Governor forcing the Billionaires Tunnel on Seattle - which is depressing Seattle votes for all statewide races and countywide races - and the shortsighted killing of the Legalize MJ initiative by the Powers That Be - that alone would have given Seattle turnout a massive boost.
He didn't have to WIN to get into the general election. He is still unfortunately a credible threat, especially with how the middle feels about incumbents this year.

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