Hmmm, what grates on ME is being told that there is more to life than marriage. He's right, but, I just don't like being patted on the head like that.

There's indeed more to *politics* than gay marriage.
Sanders is not particularly a conservative. He's libertarian. He's come out the right way, or gone and wrote his own opinion, in ways I agree with way more than those on the right of our Supreme Court.

We could do worse than Sanders.
My I be the first to say "FUCK YOU," Justice Sanders.

I'm just sad that the SECB didn't get a chance to grill that hypocrite, fraud, and slanderer, Barbara Madsen, for her hateful, bigoted lies in the Andersen v. King County ruling.

Is no one willing to confront these horrible people?
Unless I'm mistaken, almost all mammals have bones in their penises, except for humans. Even chimps have 'em.

But yeah: fuck you, Sanders.
The final photo is a masterwork.
This is one of the funniest posts I've read on Slog. Ah ha ha. Walrus penis in the house. Ha ha ha.
Wow this is a weird little photo essay. Do people actually live like this?
Is that Cheryl Johnson the tap dancer?
I think I love Justice Sanders' long-suffering girlfriend, and I am once again awed and slightly dismayed at the breadth of Fnarf's knowledge.

Unless, of course, he's full of shit. But it's not like I'd know if he were.
I suspect Fnarf simply knows how to use the Google. I mean, I didn't even have to click through to the Wikipedia article when I searched "penis bones"

The baculum (also penis bone, penile bone or os penis) is a bone found in the penis of most mammals. It is absent in humans, but present in other primates
Sanders is awful. There is no explanation for the most libertarian, least deferential (to the legislature) justice voting with Johnson (or even that b**** Madsen) except anti-gay animus. There should have been five or six votes for Fairhurst's dissent, not four. So f***ing disappointing. And to think now we have to rely on Anthony Kennedy and fellow republicans like Olson, Walker, and Tauro to clean up after asshats like sanders. It's a travesty.
Sanders is actually not doing that well, all things considered.

And yes, Fnarf thinks everything is on the Net. Kind of sad.
I did not know that most mammals actually have bones in their penises until this very moment. I assumed they were all just fleshy appendages of one sort or another. I don't know how I could possibly have gone almost 50 years without knowing that.

My life is enriched. Thanks Slog!!!
Oh, and fuck you Sanders.

How would you like it if someone told you that you can't have the same civil rights as everyone else? And then told you to stop worrying about it, it's no big deal. Theres more to life than your civil rights.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.
Will: you're actually right this time: it is sad. Fnarf regularly chimes in with easily accessible facts he took 2 seconds to Google and then reword.

Unfortunately, this still contributes great value to the discussion because often the original poster / supposed journalist can't seem to be bothered to HIGHLIGHT >RIGHT MOUSE CLICK >SEARCH GOOGLE.
Speaking of penises: StillNon, you are such a dick. A dick that has the back~bone~ to accurately call people out, and I secretly love you for it after all these years.

Are you sure the dude in the 'Mericun flag polo shirt isn't a bear cub in denial?
I'm with #5. That photo is great.
wouldn't the principled libertarian position be to stay the fuck out of defining other people's marriages?

the masks are creepy.
That dude in the flag shirt means business.
Yes,that final photo is great in an extremely odd way. And if those aren't two queens in the closet (so to speak) cruising the strange guy in the American flag shirt, I'll eat this comment!
The fact that you nabbed both girlfriends in photos amazes me. Way to go!
I've actually spent quite a bit of time with Sanders over the years at various functions, and even had an odd one-on-one conversation with him on the streets of Olympia, his dry cleaning slung over a shoulder, where he bitched about the State failing to pick up the defense tab for one of his various ethical shake downs (he knows I am a civil litigation defense attorney.) One of the main problems with Sanders is that he is a loose cannon and not particularly bright - he latches on to some hair brained idea, labels it "libertarian" regardless of the topic, and won't listen to reasonable counter arguments. Even without Sanders quaintly old-fashioned (and dangerous) feelings about "teh gays", Wiggins is by far the better choice, overall.
My feeling is that someone who's had a non-legally binding sexual relationship for nine years doesn't see marriage as being "all that," and probably doesn't understand why a population segment deprived of equality would want marriage.
@15, what's even sadder is people who are so fully invested in the eternal present that they can't retain information. The news about mammal penises predates Google or Wikipedia, believe it or not, and sometimes I know a thing because I googled it last year or the year before, or maybe even knew it before you were out of diapers.
LOL OK Fnarf, way to invoke the age thing.

Your characteristic defensiveness only underscores how much of a brat you are.

Insert your usual retort of something like YOU'RE YOUNG! YOU'RE A WOMAN! YOU'RE UNEDUCATED! YOU'RE POOR. YOU JUST DON'T GET IT.

Nothing to see here. On to the next turf war!
I have never said "you're a woman, you just don't get it" or anything remotely like that. And I like young people. That was a cheap shot, and I'm sorry.

I get annoyed, though, when people accuse me of knowing nothing without Wikipedia, or just "rewording". It's a ridiculous charge. You either know something or you don't. To be honest, I first heard "all male mammals except humans have bones in their penises" on a David Attenborough program a zillion years ago. I did in fact check my memory against Wikipedia before posting, to make sure before typing "all". Wikipedia says "most", so I went with that.

Your biggest mistake, though, was standing so near Will in Seattle. Will in Seattle is confused because he doesn't know ANYTHING, even AFTER looking it up online. I got a little spew on you; collateral damage. Again, sorry to have lumped you in with him.
Is it me or does Sanders long suffering girlfriend of 9 years look like a beer drinking waitress at Dennys?
I hope the gays would tell you that wth?? Well wonder what side of the fence this judge stands on? Someone give this man a breathlyzer! Seriously sometimes its better just to keep your snatch shut. No wonder he had 2 opponents who ran against him. I bet sanders wishes his pecker was 1/10 the size of the walrus dick.
After 9 years you would think an older beer drinking woman wouldn't put up with her man getting dick sucked and fucked by other women but I guess she has been too busy filling up the beer cooler and collection walrus dick for her house.

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