A recent poll shows that voters currently support both initiatives that seek to kick the state out of the liquor business. According to the SurveyUSA/KING5 poll, 59 percent of voters said they were certain to approve Initiative 1100—the more dramatic of the two—which would eliminate the state’s three-tiered structure that regulates manufacturing, distribution, and retail sales, and open up liquor sales to all beer and wine outlets by June 2011. Meanwhile, 54 percent of those polled were certain to vote yes on Initiative 1105, the measure that would keep the state's three-tiered system, and open up sales to beer and wine outlets by November 2011.

The poll of 618 likely voters had a margin of error of 4 percent:

Red means yes; Blue means no; Yellow is for Cowards
  • via SurveyUSA
  • Red means yes; Blue means no; Yellow is for Cowards

If either initiative passes, 315 state-run liquor stores will close, roughly 3,300 private liquor retailers like grocery stores and gas stations will emerge (according to state estimates), and the liquor control board will be devoted to regulation and enforcement of these retailers. Also, our state and local budgets might be fucked. Interestingly enough, the survey notes that opposition to 1100 was strongest among the young voters (39%), women (34%), and Democrats (33%). It also notes that opposition to initiatives builds as Election Day approaches.