Joni Balter at the Seattle Times weighs in:

As previously noted, this song is playing constantly over there. (And apologies for comparing Balter to Carol Channing.)

UPDATE: The logic in this editorial is just so inscrutable that it has to be read to be believed:

If you pose the question to voters, do you prefer a sidewalk in a neighborhood or a police officer downtown, says one wise business leader, the choice just might be public safety.

So increased public safety is a wiser investment than non-car infrastructure. Right? Or maybe not.

Safety advocates also fought to change the configuration on Northeast 125th Street — again more bike space, fewer car lanes and enhanced safety.

Increasingly, cars are being shoved aside, as evidenced by efforts to jack up commercial parking rates, the constant plea for more light rail and significant transfer of asphalt to bike lanes. Had Seattle elected leaders with a better business sense or a more rational view of the affordability or lack of it of living in the city, things might be different. But every new bike lane can make a road less appealing to a car or a truck. Bicycles prevail, freight mobility takes a sorry hike.

Whaaaaa! Safety is inconvenient sometimes! I want to cook dinner with a flamethrower now!

Balter isn't for public safety or for cars or against bikes so much as she's apparently allergic to new ideas.