As long as corrections are being flung around, someone give this man a "whose".
Just to be clear, it was God who removed Job's protections, allowing Satan to test his faith. Because if there's one thing God likes to do, it's put people through hell to prove their love for Him.
And this may be the shortest SLLotD comment thread ever.
cut Danny some slack.

the only parts of the Bible the Priests ever read to him when he was an alter buoy were the parts where it says buttfucking is OK.....
To be perfectly accurate, it's "very pedantic," not "a bit."
@5: Your mom read those parts of the Bible to me.
You can never argue with the Whos. Or is that Whoses.

Wait, was it Whoses who brought the Mormons out of bondage from the Toltecs .... or was it his brother Rushian Limbaughian who broke the chains of slavery imposed by the non-whites upon the 13th tribe ... I'm confuseled now.
It was the story of Job that started me questioning the whole religious thing. I was 11 or 12 the first time I remember my pentecostal father preaching the story of Job. My, how they love that story! The congregation was ecstatic! Job stayed true to god, and all his wealth and posesions were returned to him 10 fold, and he got a new wife, and had new kids, praise jesus! And I remember thinking, "yeah, that's nice, but kinda hard on the first set of kids, who had done nothing to deserve being killed by god, other then having a self rightous prick for a father."
dog's saliva has healing properties, so Bible fail.
Thank you for this -- I couldn't figure out your Job reference at all, and I don't know the new testament very well. It makes sense now.
Schmacky @3 wrote:
Because if there's one thing God likes to do, it's put people through hell to prove their love for Him.
Are you sure god's not a woman?

Aw, shit, I thought this was about blowjobs. You owe me five minutes of my time.
The Bible frowns on those who blow Job references.
Anyone who uses the phrase "the patience of Job" has obviously never read the book. That dude bitched like no other. Not that I blame him.
Jeez, Dan, you were in JROTC for priests, and you didn't know this? Was it all that pot over the years, or did that stuff just get crowded out of your brain by more interesting stuff?
@ lucky 13 - 5280, you coulda gotten blown in that amount of time!!
job did have festering sores/boils all over his body. a dog or two might have licked them, we don't know. the book of job marked the first time i unequivocally called bullshit on the bible.
#18 please! Job was the fuckin MAN! NEVER did he waiver in his faith. I wish more people had that resolve. Not the hatin christian shit right, just the strong belief that there's something else out there, and that there's a higher purpose to the maddness(there is). That it'll be alright, and that we're all safe even when we feel most unsafe.

Spunky, may I compare thee to a cow's anus?

All that comes from you is bullshit.

You cannot back up your faith in a purpose for this existence, or it's faults. That's why you have to call it faith. So why do you assure us "(there is)" a purpose? Do you expect us to take the word of some dick on the Internet named "jizzy"?

Every week I become more sure that "faith" should be the new "F" word.
@12 Good one.
I like South Park's take on the story of Job. "Why would God do such a horrible thing to a good person just to prove a point to Satan?"
@23: It was a bet. Like in the movie "Trading Places" but with less Jamie Lee Curtis and more Dan Ackroyd.

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