At a ranch up across the border in British Columbia, cattle are getting a liter of red wine a day to go with their feed. It's meant to make the beef taste better.

It doesn't appear to have any ill effects on the cows' health, and they seem to like it (duh):

"It definitely changes their personalities. They moo a lot more with each other. They get really chatty... We just put it in a pail and said 'Who's going to drink it?'... They were curious about it right away."

Ravndahl said the wine appears to make the steers more docile, which enhances the texture of the meat.
"Cattle that are relaxed taste better," she said. "You don't want tense beef."

At least one B.C. chef likes it:

"We've had great reviews from our customers. At first I thought it was a gimmick... It costs a bit more but we think it's worth it."