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Well, that only applies to Christian churches. Obama obviously went to a church that was secretly a Muslim congregation.
Great, now all the Tea-nuts are going to start spewing that even the "new left librul media" agrees that Obama is a "secret muslim" - because they heard somebody who heard this guy say IT'S TOTES TRUE!

The Stupid - The gift that never stops giving, even when you ask it to...
Hyuk hyuk.
If he had gone to a white Christian church for 20 years, then we'd be hearing a different story from these idiots. It's clearly about race and they're trying their best to dance around it by calling him things like "Muslim", elitist, "an non US citizen"
She's relatively coherent for the minute or so, and then it all falls apart.
Both parties are corrupt. We do need to pay attention and be civically active if we want to improve our country.
Am I the only one that heard her say that America lost it's honor while she was asleep, "just like me?"
"You're right. I never paid attention till last year. That's why I don't know anything about what happened before last year. That leaves a lot of space in my head to fill up with whatever the TV tells me. That makes me an expert."
The stupid never stops....

and we are soooo smart.

and smug.

and self-satisfied.

and on the outside looking in while the Right gets off their butts and takes Washington back.

was that SuperMajority as good for you girls as it was for us?
@9: You haven't done any taking yet. Don't hatchet your counts before they chicken. Remember how confident you poor saps were about the 2008 election, even after Caribou Barbie got the VP nom?
@9 The Teabaggers and their GOP allies are admittedly... no, boastfully committing sedition. They have dedicated themselves to undermining this government.

Their goal is simplicity itself, to make the government fail. The stated intent of their action is to prevent us from fixing any of the problems the GOP caused, such as the loss of jobs in this country, or the massive national debt.

Take a look at the annually accumulated national debt, by the way. Look at it by presidential term, when the parties changed. Start with 1981, then 1993, 2001, and finally 2009. Which party ran up all the debt? Beck acolytes will be surprised, and no doubt full of bizarre rationalizations.

For, if this government were to succeed, the U.S. of A. would be on the way to becoming a progressive country, and theocrats, neocons and troglodytes would be out of power forever.
If there is a picture of Obama wearing a turban, that makes him THE anti-christ. Right?
The logic that if someone weighs the same as a duck they are made of wood meaning they are a witch makes a-lot more sense to me!
@13 Pity we couldn't release the Killer Rabbit at the Glen Beck rally...
That lady was dropped on her head as a child.
This doesn't depress me. America is right next to cambodia in terms of their influence on global views. There was a time where America really mattered, but these days... Sorry guys. The economic powerhouse is china now, the resource rich regions are Canada, middle east etc, and the forefront of civil rights? Basically everyone (with obvious exceptions) but you. The hayday of americana is in its twilight, a few more years and you will basically be a flashy canada. For that reason, a small percentage of loonies on your lawn doesn't really freak me out. Funny though.
@16 I don't see China at the top of the scale, I see the US, far ahead of them, even if recently we are slipping. Stumbling for a moment in a marathon does not mean you lost, it means you stumbled. In terms of civil rights, what other country has the range of rights that we do? Sure, due to the protestations and oppressions of some we have to go to court to prove that yes, we do indeed have those rights by law. What other country is there where you can go to the leader of your entire country and call him whatever names you want to his face, and get away with no legal repercussions? None. If you're looking for natural resources, we've got them. We are the world's breadbasket, and Pennsylvania, Colorado and West Virginia have huge mines for every kind of mineral. You want oil, we've got oil in Alaska, North Dakota, Texas, California, and (as everyone knows by now) just offshore. Cambodia didn't just throw the world into chaos these last several years by stumbling, we did. Cambodia cannot have nearly the influence that we do. Cambodia bears no comparison to the United States. Canada, while nice, also bears no comparison. Even with the loonies on our lawn, we've still got everyone else beat.

How are we in twilight?
thanks for sleeping through the run up to the iraq war, lady.
The saddest part is that the idiots are breeding a lot more than the non-idiots.
@17: "In terms of civil rights, what other country has the range of rights that we do?"

Lots. Canada, most of western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Several have more rights - notably equal marriage.

"What other country is there where you can go to the leader of your entire country and call him whatever names you want to his face, and get away with no legal repercussions?"

See the above - again, lots of them.

"We are the world's breadbasket"

Total wheat exports, absolutely - though not per capita.

"You want oil, we've got oil"

You are not in top ten of estimated oil reserves.

None of this is to say that the USA isn't a great country or a leading - the leading - world power. It is just to say the the USA isn't number one at everything, isn't the best in the world for everything.

As a non-American, I have to say that it is this aspect of your national character that probably more than any other makes it hard to like you: the need to be seen as NUMBER ONE at everything, the need to be seen as THE BEST IN THE WORLD in all ways.
An often overlooked fact is that Jeremiah Wright's church is probably THE most LGBT-friendly black congregation in Chicago. Would that Pres. Obama had drunk more deeply at this well and come out (so to speak ;) swinging on LGBT issues like DADT & DOMA.
@17 20 basically covered it. I am a bit surprised you didn't know that though. Take gays in the military, Canada's had that for at least 20 years and prior to that it was never a big deal. People hardly cared when it passed. Not to mention Sweden, one of the most impressive political systems has proven effective in passing civil rights issues.

I really can't see how you find america to be number 1 economically. The largest chunk of what got it in the position in the first place was finance strategies (i.e. wall street) but that's not something with a long shelf life because it's not very substantive. What you need is resource, but you don't really have enough of any of the big resources to remain on top. Have you seen Saudi Arabi these days? China? Japan? They are kicking ass with cheap labour, rich resources and focussed government programs to develop new technology (which has proven effective, who do you think of when you think of crazy new technology?).

Here's a classic demonstration of why the economy is more than a stumbling point: GM and the failing car companies. They didn't just fail because of financing, no they failed because they decided about 15 years ago they no longer where willing to embrace new markets (electric cars, compact cars etc) in any serious innovative way. So naturally the market ignored them because overseas companies offered the alternatives. And how did they get saved? Bail outs. And who lent the money for the bail out? The taxpayers who went out and bought toyotas and other countries, most notably, china. And china did because they can. Now the car companies changed their image and product, but if that's what it takes to get your biggest business to respond appropriately to the market, how can you compete with countries who are waiting in the wings for the chance to usurp the throne?

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