In highly adorable home invasion news, neighborhood blog My Ballard regales us with the story of a baby squirrel trapped in a Ballard man's stove. Adorable evidence of the adorable home invader can be found here. Adorable!

In more sobering—and relieving—home invasion news, is reporting that two men have been arrested in connection with an August 26th armed robbery in Highland Park. According to police reports, "All three victims were bound with duct tape on their wrists, ankles, eyes and mouth. The suspects spent approximately 45 minutes in the house." A number of items, including handguns and rifles, were stolen. Police are still looking for additional suspects.

Blogging Georgetown raises concerns about moving industrial freight through the city once the Alaskan Way Viaduct comes crashing down. He complains that moving forward on the viaduct replacement without an alternative route in place will turn the area "into more of a choke point for such traffic and pollution." Um, doesn't the viaduct need to be torn down before anything can replace it? Am I missing something here? Maybe we should just wait for this method of demolition.

And finally, a Zeppelin is spotted in the U District. "The Eureka" takes off from Paine Field in Everett and will be lazily lolling about the city skies for another week. Unfortunately for pyromaniacs, modern Zeppelins are filled with inert helium, rather than flammable hydrogen gas. But $375 for a ride? Oh, the humanity!