To be reasonable, a conservative needs to attain a PhD?
american founders christian?
@1, I think it's more that the type of intellectual curiosity that leads one to get a PhD makes people more reasonable. You don't necessarily have to follow it to a PhD, but many people with doctorates have it. I'd say it's necessary but not sufficient, only I've known a couple of grad students who don't have intellectual curiosity so much as an extreme distaste for the nonacademic.
@1: No, to sound reasonable a conservative needs to have a PhD.
Strange that he would consider those individuals "progressives", since they were essentially arguing to preserve the status-quo (i.e. rights derived from the government), which at the time would have been a very conservative, one might even say "Tory-ish" position. Alternately, those arguing in favor of "rights derived from the people" were the ones actually adopting a very progressive, even radical, position.

So, I agree it does seem to be an attempt on his part to paint contemporary "progressives" (i.e. liberals, whom one imagines he considers proponents of "big government") as being the modern equivalent to those who supported a more authoritarian system at the time the Constitution and Bill of Rights was being debated.
just gotta say, i've really enjoyed the hate registration series. no need to punish yourself by continuing it, but nice work.
Has anyone read Alexander Zaitchick's "Common Nonsense: Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance"? I heard Zaitchick interviewed on Point of Inquiry and it was really enlightning about Beck's past and his makeup, being thinking the book might be worth the read.
Were there any assignments?
Paul, I am thinking that your experience at Beck U would make a great article for national publication. Are you considering this?

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