Earlier this morning, King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg announced he would seek the death penalty for Christopher Monfort, accused of killing a Seattle police officer last fall. This has raised a debate over whether that's the right choice. On one hand, there's the broader question of whether you support capital punishment; on the other hand, there are the specifics of this case—the killing of a police officer, whether the paralyzed suspect would suffer more if he got life in prison, whether the county can afford a multi-million-dollar death-penalty case at the expense of other county needs, etc.

Others says that all killing is unacceptable and must be punished. But if killing anyone is barbaric and unacceptable, then isn't capital punishment also unacceptable? Or is it only acceptable during times of prosperous revenues for the county, when the county can more readily afford a multi-million-dollar death-penalty case? What do you think (and why do you think it)?

Do you think Dan Satterberg should pursue the death penalty for Christopher Monfort?

To be clear, Monfort hasn't been convicted and this poll isn't on whether he should be sentenced to death (that's up to a jury of his peers). The question is whether the county should be asking for the death penalty.