as much as i have hate in my heart for mr. zeigler, i've worked with the girl scouts for years and every adult i've met fits nicely into at least one of those categories.
" You all might want to acquaint your readers with this man's record—with his positions and statements—before the election, not after."

At least you got the "not after" part correct Dan.
I thought that, like the Boy Scouts of America, they mostly subsisted on money from the Mormon Church ...
@1 surprisingly, I've had exactly the opposite opinion as to GSA ...
Seeing as I love radical feminists, lesbians, AND cookies, I will run out and join the Girl Scouts posthaste.
"Radical feminists, lesbians, and cookie peddlers..."

Treble redundancy.
@3 No, the Girl Scouts of the USA do not have any ties at all to the Boy Scouts of America. They don't exclude gays or atheists and allow scouts to decide for themselves whether to say "God" in the oath or replace it with a diety of their choice (or skip it). In fact many christian groups have boycotted the girl scouts and refuse to buy their cookies.
@7 oh. thanks for the clarification.

I love the cookies. Well, mostly the thin mints.
However they are cookie peddlers. Thin mints are addictive.
I've heard the same said about Mrs. Fields.
So if Girl Scouts are feminists and lesbians, what are the Boy Scouts?
Oh praise Jeebus - this goes to prove that crazy ain't just a Southern thing.
I was seriously worried we had the monopoly on it.
To be fair, he kinda has them on the whole 'cookie-peddler' thing.

Mmmmmmmm.... samoas...
One wonders what the "mainline Baptists" have to say about being told their God isn't real.
I'm not sure if it is their alliance with the abortion industry and planned parenthood, or if it is just their magic sashes that make the cookies so damn good, and i really don't care.. I wants some now. dammit.
I was a Girl Scout. We made bird feeders out of pinecones. RADICAL.
OMFG, this just ads to my happiness that I have no connection to Pierce County whatsoever!
I was a Girl Guide (as they are called in Canada) leader for a number of years, and while lesbians were thin on the ground, feminism and cookie fetishes were definitely common. I tried, in vain, to have a new badge recognized, the Barista badge, but ultimately was unsuccessful.
WTF? I'm an Adult Girl Scout (lifetime member) and have been a Girl Scout since the age of 12, and there is a huge variance in the kind of girls/women involved. The other girls in my troop were all sweet, kind, virginal Southern Belles in the making, except for one, and she was a hyperactive class clown. In my sister's troop they're half vegetarians and half rootin tootin South Will Rise Again pork cracklin junkies.

And btw - leave my girl scout cookies alone!!
This is clearly the work of the retail cookie lobby.

Otis Spunkmeyer simply does not fuck around.
No, no no. You've got it all wrong, Zeiger. It's the CAMPFIRE GIRLS and they're CANDY PEDDLERS.

You think I'm joking?

I still endorse Campfire. Lesbians are the best, and you actually learn to build fires and shelters.
BTW, us Campfire girls were always the tough ones from the poor parts of town, and those Girl Scouts were always the snooty princesses. Suck it, Zeiger.
@20: thank you for leading me to this, from wiki:

"Despite common belief, the name Otis Spunkmeyer is not actually referring to any person. The name was a whimsical creation of the then 12-year-old daughter of the company's founder."

maybe she was a Girl Scout plant, or maybe she....

oh, gawd, don't wanna go there.
I had the misfortune of working with Mr. Zeiger when we were both younger. How no one's called him on his crazy ass shit is beyond me.
I was a Girl Scout for many years, and encountered the first lesbians of my life in the counselors at sleep away camps. It was a good opportunity for a girl growing up in the nineties to see that lesbians are just like everybody else. I really hope other girls took this away too.

As for the radical feminist bit, what I remember most about Girl Scouts was the obsessively PC attitude floating around camp, which led to a lot of perfectly decent songs getting banned for the sake of an odd lyric, usually about kissing. (Apparently we shouldn't be socializing kids to be aware of smooching cannibals and aardvarks.) All the things we weren't allowed to do drove me crazy.

But then, there was that work party where they gave us sledge hammers and let us destroy some old bathrooms... pretty radical.

The cookie thing is 100% true.
"Cookie peddler" is a direct pathway to hell, dontchaknow?

Honestly, I was in the Girl Scouts for years and they are mainstream conservative Republican. Or, in my time and place they were, anyway.

What about Candy Stripers? Does anybody even remember them?

I'll bet they're a sleeper cell, gladly letting the GSA take all the attention and heat off of them.

Another hate filled rant from a crazy person living in his mothers basement. Where does the GOP find these people!

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