I can't wait to see the look on your face when Rossi wins this in a land slide.
All this for the vanity of a few Billionaires and Millionaires and their Tunnel.

Seriously, it's like the Gov doesn't get that she's killing the Dem vote statewide with that boondoggle.
Patti Murray, a grandmom in Dr. Scholls.
Every time Will in Seattle mentions a billionaires tunnel, an angel gets ear fucked.
She might get the Central Washington vote now, since she's an anti-gay marriage Hater now.

But you still see a hell of a lot of Rossi signs and bumper stickers going up and down Miller street.

Makes sense that she'd try this kind of ad.
She has hit him pretty hard on the shipping jobs overseas front, and he has been very silent in that regard, though he did do one with a "Washington fatcat" in waistcoat and hat, dancing the Charleston.

and you just know if real estate fuck Rossi had his way the entire northwest would be McMansion developments for land speculators only, and maybe at best some slums tucked away for the service staff and some rent-a-cops.

true smarminess & avarice v. a tennis shoe cliche?

{sarcasm} I don't know, that is a tough one {/sarcasm}
E.Wash might appreciate the Coasties hitting them up for votes.
The Republicans may win the House, but I can't bare to watch them win the Senate too. The stakes are too high to care about much else than which party she'll caucus with.

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