It's Al Quds Day—a day of support for Palestine—and AJ is not happy about the latest Israel/Palestine peace talks, saying the only path for the Palestinians is "resistance." People cheered. But people always cheer for AJ. He pays them to.

And, for a sideshow, please enjoy a moment midway through this interview that seems like a bit from the Daily Show.

Meanwhile, the Basij celebrated Al Quds in their customary fashion:

Meanwhile, pro-government militiamen attacked the home of an Iranian opposition leader with home-made bombs and beat one of his bodyguards unconscious in an apparent attempt to keep him from attending a key rally.

Mahdi Karroubi's guards had to fire gunshots in the air to clear crowds that broke down the door of his home on Thursday night after days of gatherings outside, said the Sahamnews website, which supports Iran's pro-reform movement.