Steven Wienberg:

The universe will go on expanding and cooling, but not much of interest will occur for 700,000 years. At that time the temperature will drop to the point where electrons and nuclei can form stable atoms; the lack of free electrons will make the contents of the universe transparent to radiation; and the decoupling of matter and radiation will allow matter to begin to form into galaxies and stars. After another 10,000 million years or so, living beings will begin to reconstruct this story.

Alexander Oparin:

Thus we see that all the elements which enter into organic compounds are also found in abundance in mineral world. Even this alone gives reason to doubt the existence of any essential difference between the world of the living and that of the dead.

Stephen Jay Gould:

I merely assert that Darwin was justified in analogizing natural selection with animal breeding. In artificial selection, a breeder's desire represents a change of environment for a population. In this new environment, certain traits are superior a priori.

Robert Fludd:

“That most divine and beautiful counterpart visible below in the flowing image of the universe.”
  • Jakob Montrasio

"A shadow, likeness, or reflection of the insubstantial triangle visible in the image of the universe.”