Every molecule in our body is star dust. We are the universe and the universe is us. But we are stuck in a tiny little place with only our senses with which to understand the vastness and grandeur. And yet, as it is revealed, millions go about their lives without even attempting to see or to understand what creation really is. It's true nature. Choosing instead to cling to myths.
One of the reasons I don't get why people choose to believe supernatural explanations for the existence of the universe, is that they are so boring. Scientific inquiry still contains mystery. It's a challenge to think about. Supernatural explanations always end with the motivations of distant magical beings.

To really understand the supernatural universe, you would have to open reciprocal communication with the creator. The one thing all Supernatural Universe Creators have in common is that they only communicate in unverifiable ways; texts and stories from the deep past, or voices in the faithfuls' heads.
700,000 years? the death of the universe is much closer than I thought - shouldn't that be 700,000 million years or something?
Oh wait a minute, my bad, I really should read things before posting before coffee.
This might help you sleep Charles:
The caterpillar know nothing of the butterfly
And fears the cocoon.
But the butterfly remembers the caterpillar
And rejoices in its freedom.
Actually, by number most of the junk in you is Hydrogen, which is big-bang material.

But all that other O's, C's and other stuff stuck to those H's and each other is star stuff!

Plus, maybe one of those water molecules was in a dinosaur once. Hooray Dinosaur wizz!

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