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IT burns my eyeballs, it burns my ears.

That disaster has a 19 point lead. WTF is wrong with this world.
@ 1, I have a feeling that that lead is going to shrink a bit.
I'm going with early onset Alzheimer's. Sad.

Either that or Quaaludes...
#2: Not if the voters have Alzheimer's as well. Remember, this is Arizona.
Her segment with Haley Barbour is required viewing.
She has a huge lead because her position on illegal immigration is very popular. It has nothing to do with her personally.
To me, it just looks like the lamestream media is just ganging up on this poor conservative woman because of their liberal bias. I hope the voters see through such such blatant unfair attempts to make her answer questions or provide proof or facts to back up her previous allegations.
Yeah Terry, get yer plan out. Put yer plan all over my face, Goddard......


Im willing to be she had a radio earpiece, and that either it or the transmitter failed during the debate and continued to fail after the debate (where she stonewalled on the headless corpse question).
i'm really grateful to maddow for acknowledging the SEARING PAIN i felt while watching those clips. i thought i was just being a puss- i mean scrotum. turns out i'm an empathetic human being.
Arizona is a backwater shithole built on speculation that has not panned out! Maybe those people deserve her!
Seriously, though, her opponent needs to pounce on this, and lay out his plan.
She can't and won't recant the headless corpse comments. To do so would call into question the validity of her claims of unsecured borders and rampant illegal immigration, and it's becoming evident that neither are true.
This is why conservative women belong in the kitchen.
If she has to recant the false "beheadings in the desert" claim, does Maddow have to recant the false "last combat troops leaving Iraq" claim?…
The headless bodies thing was an episode of Criminal Minds. In the episode "A Rite of Passage" : "The BAU travels to Texas to capture a serial killer who is targeting illegal immigrants trying to cross the U.S. border at Terlingua." -…

They're literally looking for a serial killer who beheads illegal immigrants. I don't think this woman really understands the difference between fiction and reality.
It's always refreshing these days -- rare, but refreshing -- when reporters actually do their jobs. The deer-in-the-headlights way she regarded the question about the beheadings at all times, you could almost see her thinking, "If I pretend I didn't hear it, they'll pretend they didn't ask it, and that lie I told without any evidence to support it will just go away." It became almost pathological at the end there.

So how come nobody got in Sarah Palin's face like this about death panels?
I kinda hope Mexico does take Arizona back.
There are crazy people in both parties.

There are idiots in both parties.

But the Republicans seem to have the monopoly on crazy idiots.
I wonder if Fox News reported on this?
She seemed so confused and was trying to cover up - I was wondering if she was having a small stroke. Not answering the beheaded corpse questions is apparently just successful politicking.
@3 - I was thinking that through each clip I see... Something is clearly going on there...

You liberals are complerely unable to accept a strong conservative woman, which is why brave patriots like Jan Brewer and Sarah Palin are visciously mocked.

How many times has Barack Hussein Obama stammered without his teleprompter, yet you leftist homosexual sympathizers won't say a thing about that.

The hypocrisy of the left never fails to amuse me.

I lurve you, Lord B. You're my favoritest.

Seriously, though, Brewer has a really punchable face. I don't even mean that as any kind of innuendo. She just looks like she'd be really fun to punch.

@16, Palin's a little quicker on her feet. She'd just lie and continue to claim that there were death panels in the offing, because she knows her loyal followers would believe her.
@ 10 I agree. I couldn't sit through this excruciating performance the first time I linked to it. I only stuck with it after Maddow asked me to put aside my natural inclinations.

I'm mostly straight but I have some other natural inclinations I'd put aside for Maddow!
I'll bet she's got someone on her team right now arranging for some headless bodies to show up in the desert.
Is she an alcoholic?

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