SPD is going to have to make major changes before they can conquer the public perception (whether or not it's correct) that any investigation is just going to be a whitewash -- and that's not even addressing how to prevent more things like this from happening in the future.
I predict nothing will be done.

Because the Police Guild will just continue shooting and kicking Seattle citizens for Driving While Black, Walking While Brown, Whittling While Native/Deaf, and anything else they want.

Actions speak louder than words.

And City Council is long on talk, and short on action.
Dear 5280,

Remember the post recently where you thought it was silly to count cops shooting people as "gun violence"? Doesn't seem so silly now does it?

Endlessly hoping you go fuck yourself,
a majority of crime is committed by indians, blacks, and mentally ill freaks. It makes sense that they come in police contact more often.

sorry if I can't muster much grief over the loss of a drunk, old, deaf, homeless indian.

you people would freak if these criminal populations were left free to do as they want.

I have a blue light on for those cops that do what they need to do to keep our city safe.
Why on earth would a Seattle cop shoot a guy, knowing what kind of shit he'd be bringing down upon himself, who WASN'T acting in a clearly threatening manner?

You really believe that this cop just decided to pound a few bullets into a dude who was walking away from him?

Come on.
The commission had serious concerns about Steward Baker and the tunnel incident...until it turned out she had a history of committing violent muggings.

yes, chronically drunk bums, with long rap sheets should be allowed to openly carry knives downtown! It’s their native right!

I mean, this native took every opportunity to flash tourists his junk (30 arrests for led conduct and harassment), what better way to show off Seattle's assets than a traditional greeting! I mean, what harm have drunks with open knives ever caused in Seattle? Hmmmmm, think dead woman on Capitol Hill.

Fire the cop and ban penknives downtown. Win win.
Protest? Count me in. This occurred about 4 blocks from my apartment and out of all of the police offenses that occurred in the past few years, this pissed me off the most.
This feels like it should be the straw that shot the camel in the back.

Also, Dom, looks like you copy-and-paste slipped and made their letter not make sense above.

"provide the Native American, people with dtalking about organizing a formal protest. isabilities, and homeless communities with as many facts and answers as quickly as possible."
I will be watching for the major protest that "city leaders and city employees are planning ... in the coming week". And I will be there.

This was a needless, stupid mistake. I would like to see Birk relieved of duty immediately, and brought up on charges (which would no doubt devolve into aggravated manslaughter or something similar, but still).

God Bless John T Williams and family.
Sounds to me like Officer Ian Birk is a Killer hiding behind a Badge.

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