Obviously, Seattle needs to secede from King County and form our own County, if not our own State.
Will, this shooting was in Seattle, by the SPD, so your comment doesn't make sense.

Beyond that, the issue with the inquest procedure is that it's a pointless, unnecessary process (at least as it is currently conducted under state law) that does nothing other than provide a public pseudo-acquittal for cops who shoot citizens.

Changing the inquest process would require amending state law, which any and all counties in Washington state must follow.
@2 it's the King County Prosecutor that didn't charge.

As you well know.

By creating a county encompassing Seattle (and perhaps Shoreline and Tukwila), justice would be served.
That's a great idea, Will. You should drop everything and go to work full time creating your new county. Drop everything. Don't let anything distract you from this vital goal. It demands your full, undivided attention.
Nothing is static, elenchos.

Nothing. Your problem is you see today and assume tomorrow will be the same.

And yet, there could be an earthquake or tsunami between those two days and everything about your life could change.

At any time.
Thank you, Cienna and Stranger staff, for your continuing excellent and fair coverage of this tragedy. Already, the Times seems to have lost interest in the story. It is so important that John is remembered as the man he was and not as some two-day news item to be sensationalized and then forgotten.
I know this is a tragedy involving an actual human being, but the predictable call-and-response that always follows these incidents just seems so tired and ineffective.
@5: Because of you, this thread is DILDOS. I hope you're happy, you little fucker.
@6 the Times just did an update around 3ish.

you must be new here, venomlash - I don't follow links unless I feel like it. Sucks to be you.
@9: I don't usually post links; that's just an embedded picture demonstrating graphically what I'm saying. Seriously, your comment at #5 was so moronically pretentious and illogical that it actually made my head hurt. When somebody essentially suggests that you fuck off, the correct response is not to complain about their limited mindset. Also, get the fuck off the Internet, oldfag. I turning into Fnarf? I mean, I'd be kind of honored if I were...
11, I'm not. I'm just getting to the point where I've listened to Will in Seattle's bullshit enough. Hard to tell the difference, sometimes.
come on are you guys,serious? I knew this man, spent time with him and as a young carver learned some from him. You stray from the issues if you think this is something new.There is a long history of genecide at the hands of a european attitude of conquest and domination tward any native person since they (europeans ) got here. For us the indain wars haven't ended it just switched venues.TWO CROWS IN SEATTLE

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