Her name is Stephanie Quilao. Her Twitter name is skinnyjeans. She describes herself as "Deliciously upbeat." The most recent post on her blog is wondering whether or not Demi Moore is too old to be tweeting pictures of herself in a bikini (!?). She defines the term "kickassness" as "kickass (an action) + happiness (a feeling) = kickassness (a state)." (THANKS FOR EXPLAINING THAT HAPPINESS IS A FEELING.)

I didn't even know she existed until her latest message fell into my Twitter feed via someone else's retweeting:


Now I know I'm not an expert on depression; I can only draw conclusions from my own experiences. But to tell nearly 50,000 followers (and all the followers of people who retweet your message) that maybe you just need to "live authentically" in a way to cure depression is completely irresponsible.

What about the thousands of people who are doing their "true work" but still suffering from depression?

If someone has depression—true depression, not sadness or frustration or a bad day or week at work—the depression can be there whether one is happy with their "path" or not. That's one of the reasons why it sucks so much. I've been lucky enough to have my dream job, the most amazing boyfriend (now fiance!), and an incredibly supportive family—and when I'm not managing my depression, there have been stretches of time where I would gladly disappear off the face of the earth despite all the greatness that surrounds me.

Depression doesn't give a shit if you're on a "true path" or not. What's more, changing direction due to depression without dealing with the depression as its own entity can be hurtful—that shit can follow you and the discouragement that results from failed attempts to feel better can ultimately make it even worse.

I told her as much and in a Twitter response she claimed that her own experience with depression is one of the reasons she went from a corporate job to an independent job (and it must've worked because now she's "deliciously upbeat"). When I asked her if perhaps dealing with depression (via "pills, doctors," she says), resulted in the need for a change as opposed to the change resulting in no more depression, she didn't respond. Maybe she's busy. Maybe she's like me and doesn't really want to get into it over Twitter. Maybe she doesn't give a shit what I have to say about it because she has 50,000 followers who listen to everything she says and even retweet her messages in agreement.

But I think she's ridiculous. It's saying shit like that that can cause so many cases of depression to go untreated. "It's your own fault you're depressed, silly billy, you're not following your soul's 'true' path!" It's not always that easy. In fact, reading shit like that is downright insulting.

TL;DR: Don't listen to skinnyjeans.