UPDATED: The man has died. See below.

This time in Tacoma:

"Police tried to get him to drop the knife," said Brett. "They asked 4 or 5 times for him to drop the knife."

Police spokesman Mark Fulghum said the victim in the shooting is being taken to an area hospital. The victim's condition is unknown. Fulghum said Sixth Ave. is closed around the scene.

This is the third officer involved shooting in Western Washington this week.


A man who allegedly was carrying a knife was shot and killed Friday afternoon by a Tacoma police officer....

A witness says he heard the dispute, heard the officer yell "knife, knife" and heard four shots. The witness said he didn't see the knife. A tweet posted on the Twitter page of Washington Huskies basketball player Isaiah Thomas indicates he saw the shooting.

"Me and @DomWill253 jus seen the cops shoot a homeless dude on 6th ave 4 times. He might've died," reads the tweet.