But will this year have as much swine flu?
Shoot! Maybe it is just that I haven't had my coffee yet... But what did you mean by 'What's up with women and gaming?'?

Was there too little, too many, were they too weird, what?!?
@2 That was a reference to the panels, esp. one called "The Myth of the Gamer Girl: True Demographic or Anthropological Hooha?" (More info in the schedule:…) We were sad that "gamer girls" are still a meta issue and not just a normal thing.
My phone died so freaking early yesterday. Like by 6:00, it was dead. Like dead dead. Srsly.

Can somebody confirm the rumor that I overheard that switching to the Edge network eases the battery drainage?
@4: that's not a rumor. 3G drains batteries on devices quicker than Edge.

So what was in room 310?
@3 It's strange that people still make an issue of women gaming or not gaming or playing the wrong games or gaming while having boobs and a vagina. Yep, we play games. No, we don't do it in lingerie--unless it's a really special night of D&D--and we don't do it to seem cool or interesting or tomboyish. Believe it, or not, we just like *playing games.*
FYI - the formatting on this post is busted on the mobile Slog site
I would go to PAX but I'm still trying to figure out how to jump the fence, punch out the one guy, then go to the concrete barrier, shoot the other two guys, then steal the car and take it to the chop shop in Mafia II.…
@5 correct. So does 3D on some devices.

That which burns twice as bright burns half as long.
going on my tombstone: Marketing is inevitable, so let it be nonshitty.

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