At first I wasn't sure what to do with this...

...but then I figured I'd post it.

"I get a thrill out of being seen," writes the boy* in the video. "When I am horny, I look at that Youtube I posted, see view count, and get hard. In fact because of it I can't really wear my purple boxers now."

Sloggers: you have the power to make a harmless exhibitionist happy. Just by viewing his video and driving up the view count. How often do you have the opportunity to increase the sum total of human happiness with a single click? You know you wanna. And, hey, if you had something better to do you wouldn't be reading Slog on a Saturday Sunday afternoon, right? He's at 843 views now. Let's pump his numbers up, people.

* I have confirmed that the boy in the video is the same person who sent me the video, and that the boy in the video is over 21. You can click on it with a clear conscience.