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One third of them are homosexual.

Based on their distribution in the general population homosexual Youth Pastors are 15 times as likely as heterosexuals in the same position to abuse children in their charge.

Why don't they get their own "Watch"?
Aren't foster parents screened?

Aren't football coaches screened?

Dan claims churches are careless because they don't screen.....
We can all be thankful that none of these men were Catholic. If they had been, they would never have been arrested, but shuttled around to other places, the witnesses emotionally blackmailed, the whole thing covered up.

So Yay! for not being Catholic!
Jesus, your math is dumb and your logic dumber. Molesting children of the same sex doesn't make you gay, it makes you a child molester.

Can I get back to baking brownies now? Thanks.
@1: One, a sample size of 3 gives ridiculously low confidence. Assuming, as you do, that one out of three sex offenders are homosexuals, relies on a sample of 3 from a total population of 374,270 (the number of registered sex offenders in the USA). This gives a standard error of 0.272. A 99% confidence interval would be between -2.58 and 2.58 standard errors of the estimated value (0.333). Therefore, you can say with 99% certainty that homosexuals constitute between -36.9% and 103.6% of all sex offenders, a statistic that is slightly less useful than a screen door on a submarine.
Learn2Statistics, bitch.
Also, the guy who molested boys is a pedophile, not a homosexual. Look at the record; he's consistently molested children, not men.
Granted A-hypocrisy and B-abuse of a position of power I'd like to move on to C-having sex with a 17 year old does not make you a pedophile.
Granted, it's extra uber-creepy that he was her foster-father, but I think the larger issue is the criminalization of sex in general. If he abused his position of power, then prosecute him for that. But let's stop with this bullshit that a 17 year old is categorically by-definition incapable of consent. At some point can't we admit that there is such a thing as a gray area and start requiring psychological evaluations, not birth certificates, to evaluate capacity to consent?
Just look at Arizona dude. You coulda seen that one coming. ...No pun intended.
I can't help thinking that if we had better sex ed in which kids learned something more than guilt and squeamishness, they would be much better prepated to say "no get the hell away from me".
@6 -Sorry the law works in categories and children can't do lots of things as a group that individuals of the gropus might be OK doing --- including giving consent.

@5 Ka-Pow! Thanks for doing that. It was g-r-e-a-t.
"She allowed the touching to continue because Porter allegedly threatened to otherwise cheat on his wife."

So... she said, "Cheat on your wife with me, so you don't have to find somebody else to cheat with"... the fuck?
A fourteen year old male is not a child.

If you examine ALL the individuals EVER featured on "Youth Pastor Watch" you will find a third of them are homosexuals who victimized teenage boys.

And the same sample size of three gives an equally ridiculously small confidence from which Dan draws conclusions about the 420,000 youth pastors in America.

Be consistent, Jr.
@11: The UN disagrees with you. "a child means every human being below the age of eighteen years unless, under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier."
United Nations Convention on the Rights …
And I can tell you that physically, a thirteen-year-old is still a child, with only the first traits of adulthood beginning to emerge.
@12: Where's the evidence to back up your assertion that a third of YPW guest-stars are homosexual?
Be consistent, Jr. is absolutely consistent with your usual behavior to disregard the facts in favor of your own personal delusions.

The evidence is on Slog Jr.
Are you new here?
Have you ever read YPW before?

Just because you haven't gotten any pubes don't make assumptions about other 13 year olds...

12 year olds commonly have and father children.

(is the UN going to send a black helicopter to pick up Dan's hero Mayor Adams for molesting a child in a public bathroom? Be consistent, Jr.....)
@14: The evidence is on SLOG, eh?
I can say, "The evidence is on the Internet, you go look it up." But I don't. The burden of proof is on the person trying to make a case. I read YPW regularly, and the proportion of homosexuals (homosexuals, mind, not pedophiles who happen to attack a child of the same gender) appears very low. If you think that it's a higher proportion, be my guest to root through YPW and come back with your findings.
Pubic hair is one of those "first traits of adulthood beginning to emerge" that I mentioned. Physically, a youth of 13 is very much a child, in build, voice, and body hair. Didn't you ever have to change for gym class?
There are several cases of 8- or 9-year olds (and even one 5-year-old) having children, too. Are you going to say that someone who screws an 8-year-old ISN'T a pedophile? Are you going to say that, bitch?
Mayor Adams's boyfriend is now 23. If he wants to press charges, that's his decision. He was 17 at the time the relationship began (the worst you can accuse Adams of is pederasty), and for several years has been legally capable of making his own decisions.
What we need is to bring back the social state of a "youth." No longer a child, transitioning to an adult, but not there yet. Still in need of guidance, but capable under the right conditions of taking on some of the privileges of adulthood.

Take Romeo and Juliet. Romeo's 16, Juliet maybe no more than 14. But if their families hadn't hated each other they could have gotten married. That's a pretty big step towards adulthood.

But that's a different society, a different world, one where Romeo could also have gone off to be an army officer and gotten his ass killed. I'm just saying that this stage in someone's life is so much more complex than our law recognizes.

A third of the individuals featured on "Youth Pastor Watch" are homosexuals who victimized teenage boys. In that respect this batch is very representative. The proportion may "appear very low" to you because of your biases. Count them if you doubt. ( exactly what numerical confidence interval does one assign to data that "appear very low" ?)

You seem to have a hard time sticking with the topic of the post.
Is it your assertion that anyone who interacts with a 14 year old is a pedophile?
Aren't foster parents screened?

Aren't football coaches screened?

Will Dan campaign to eliminate football and foster parenting because of the rampant abuse?

Dan claims churches are negligent because they don't screen and that screening will weed out the molesters. Maybe he doesn't read his own posts.....
@17: You have yet to demonstrate your claim that 1/3 of all YPW guest stars are men who victimize boys. And if their victims are prepubescent or just barely pubescent, that counts as pedophilia (perhaps bordering on pederasty), not homosexuality. However, your biases and general intellectual incompetence lead you to cloud the issue by declaring that any contact involving people who have the same arrangement of sex chromosomes is inherently homosexual in nature.
A grown adult (someone in their 20s or older) who engages in an illicit sexual relationship with someone who is under the age of consent and regardless of their exact age is physically immature, is a pedophile. End of story.
so Dan's hero Sam Adams is a pedophile?
@20: Was the young man physically immature? At 17, that's EXTREMELY unlikely. Pederasty, possibly. Pedophilia, not a chance.
If you want to debate me, you should try to read what I write, as taxing as that may be to your feeble psyche.
Also see:…

Priest sex abuse linked to 13 suicides in Belgium

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