When New Left Media released one of its signature videos last month of Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally, conservatives screamed, "Creative editing!" Clearly these liberal twerps with their camera were singling out a slim minority of dolts and releasing only the most embarrassing segments while ignoring the median brilliance of the crowd. Impossible that the Tea Party interviewees would be consistently uninformed, regurgitators of spoon-fed talking points fed to them by Republican yakkers. Well, the folks behind the videos have now released the B-Roll of the Beck rally, which isn't as snappy as the original (it's the B-Roll, after all), but it's another 10 minutes of the same appalling idiocy:

As un-brilliant as the crowd may be, I'm increasingly impressed by the strategy to re-stoke conservatism free of the toxic Republican brand, while simultaneously using it motivate scores of millions of default Republican voters. And it's easy to laugh at them—more like a chuckle in between sobs, really—but they have reliably consistent messages. The Democrats' message is what? Talking to blue-collar workers in diners about jobs? Carefully tailored union rallies with the press? It's hard to say—and it's September. Sad that the Dems are being outsmarted by one of the dumbest movements in recent U.S. history.