That stuff is now scattered about Good Wills or the plastic island in the Pacific, choking sea turtles.
Wow, I coveted the shit out of this stuff when I was a kid. Thanks for the flood of mini-capitalist memories!
Got to love the Blossom hat. Just screams 'mid-nineties.'
GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As a '90s kid of the female persuasion, I loved back to school shopping so I could get Lisa Frank supplies with all the rainbow unicorns, rainbow puppies, and rainbow leopards I could handle.
I remember, as a boy, getting Lisa Frank and Anne Frank mixed up -- in fact, for a while, I seem to remember thinking that Ms Frank had successfully escaped the Nazis and went into the business of stationery items and other shiny things for girls.
oh my god i miss the two seconds of the Blossom hat.

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