Anchorage Daily News:

Prosecutors say Rachel Yould, a former Anchorage Rhodes and Fulbright scholar, is a master manipulator who should spend six years in prison for misusing hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans. They say she should pay more than $800,000 in restitution.

Yould, despite her guilty pleas to 15 felony counts of federal mail and wire fraud and making false statements, says she is innocent and that the whole case is based on misunderstanding. Her troubles are rooted, she said, in the sexual and physical violence she suffered as a child and into adulthood at the hands of her biological father. Her lawyer argues that she shouldn't go to prison at all, but instead should be sentenced to probation so that she can repay what she owes.

The defense says her efforts to escape her father's reach led her to create a second identity for her own protection; prosecutors say it was a scheme to draw down more student loan money because she had reached her lifetime limit.

I'm not saying this is her, the former beauty from Anchorage, but many who fight every day to keep their little place in the middle of America's oppressive class structure are notoriously bad at reading or locating the source of their social problems. They will search all over the fucking place for anything but the actual answer to these problems. Before they look in the political world, to the masters of their economy, they will drag dad or mom out of the master bedroom and expose them as criminals (we have Freud to thank for this). Abuse is real, but there is an ideological tendency to dissociate it from the economic order and the social apparatuses that maintain that order.

This post owes everything to the tireless Alaskan Carole Triem