The committee tasked with reviewing eight proposals vying for use of the Seattle Center's Fun Forest site—most notably, a Chihuly museum or new digs for KEXP with an interactive exhibition space/park imagined by Open Platform—are expected to make their recommendation to Seattle Center Director Robert Nellams next week, according to Deborah Daoust, a spokeswoman for the center.

The committee's recommendation will be a close-to-final look at what Nellams will present to Mayor Mike McGinn for consideration at the end of September, Daoust says. "He's not planning on changing their recommendation but he might tweak it, depending on what it looks like."

Chihuly museum advocates argue that their project will deliver the city high rents and tourist dollars. Meanwhile, KEXP and Platform proponents say that their projects are geared towards local audiences and won't include a $12-$15 ticket price to enjoy. Other proposals include a Museum of Mysteries, a Northwest Native Cultural Center, and a sprawling green park.