Recently submitted to I, Anonymous:

Having left my wallet on top of my car after getting gas on my way out of town and driving over the Aurora bridge, I though I was in for a horrendous day. And true to form my morning started off with a dying cell phone and desperate phone calls to whoever could help me. I spent all morning panicking and walking the 99 bridge with my friend looking for whatever I could find. Used condoms...check. Used needles...check. old high heels...check. wallet...nowhere! Did I mention I had cash in it, lots of cash. I was almost about to give up and hurl myself into traffic when I got a phone call from my insurance company. They said that some good samaritan had found my wallet and advised them to turn it into the police. They left no contact info but their name. After hours of trying to contact the police and having no luck of finding my wallet, my friend googled the name and voila there was a phone number. This wonderful young man had seen my wallet and tons of cash just tornadoing around on the aurora bridge. he was only able to grab a few bills and my insurance card. So amazing this young man he refused to take any reward for finding it and contacting me. Minutes later I get another phone call from my bank saying that someone had turned in my wallet! I rushed down there and the woman at the bank said that this man had walked in and left it with her and a little note. The note read: sorry there was no cash in it. the neighbors said there was lots but when i got to it there was none. I called him to thank him. He answered after the second ring. I could hear traffic rushing in the background. He was still looking for my things!! I suggested that he keep whatever he found and he replied insulted and insisted that he help me. So wonderful these people are. total strangers helping other strangers in a time of desperation with no alterior intentions. At the end of the day everything was recouped one way or another through the help of strangers, friends and family. Thanks Seattle you have some really good people living in you. xoxox